Telephone numbers in East Timor

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East Timor telephone numbers
Timor Leste (orthographic projection).svg
CountryEast Timor
Access codes
Country calling code+670
International call prefix00
Trunk prefixnone

Until September 1999, East Timor formed part of the Indonesian numbering plan, using the country code +62, followed by area codes for the two largest cities, Dili (390) and Baucau (399). Following the violence in the wake of Indonesia's departure from the territory, most of the telecommunications infrastructure was destroyed, and Telkom Indonesia withdrew its services from East Timor.

A new country code, +670, was allocated to East Timor, but international access often remains severely limited. A complicating factor is that 670 was previously used by the Northern Marianas, with many carriers not aware that the code is now used by East Timor. (The Northern Marianas, now part of the North American Numbering Plan, use the code 1 and the area code 670.)

East Timor now has a closed numbering plan; all fixed line subscribers' numbers are seven digits, while mobile phone subscribers' numbers are now eight digits, with a '7' being added to the old seven-digit number.[1]

Telephone numbering in East Timor is as follows:

Area codes in East Timor[edit]

List of area codes[2]
Area code Area
Western Region
21X XXXX Manufahi
22X XXXX Cova Lima
23X XXXX Bobonaro
24X XXXX Ainaro
25X XXXX Dekuse
Central Region
31X XXXX Dili (reserve)
32X XXXX Dili (reserve)
33X XXXX Dili (initial)
36X XXXX Liquica
37X XXXX Aileu
38X XXXX Ermera
39X XXXX Oekusi
Eastern Region
41X XXXX Baucau
42X XXXX Manatuto
43X XXXX Viqueque
44X XXXX Lautem

  • Mobile: 73xx-xxxx ~ 78xx-xxxx
  • Service numbers: 721-XXXX
  • Government departments: 333-YYYY
  • Ambulance service: 110
  • Fire Dept: 115
  • Emergency: 112


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