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Panama telephone numbers
Panama (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Panama (dark green)
ContinentNorth America
RegulatorAutoridad Nacional de los Servicios Públicos
NSN length7, 8 [note 1]
Typical formatxxx-xxxx [note 2]
6xxx-xxxx [note 3]
Numbering planPanama National Numbering Plans
Last updated24 April 2008
Access codes
Country calling code+507
International call prefix00

All telephone numbers in Panama are seven or eight digits long (xxx-xxxx or 6xxx-xxxx) and there are no area codes.[1] However, the first digit(s) will tell you something about where the phone is (if it is a land-line) or else if it is a mobile phone.

Land Lines[edit]

The following table lists the first digit for locations of land-lines:[2]

Location Prefix
Panama City 2 or 3
Panamá Oeste 2 or 3
Colón 4
Bocas del Toro 7
Chiriquí 7
Coclé 9
Herrera 9
Los Santos 9
Veraguas 9

Mobile Phones[edit]

6xxx xxxx[2]

Emergency and Assistance Numbers[edit]

The following three-digit numbers are also in use:[citation needed]

Service Number
Directory Assistance 102
Ambulance 103
Fire 103
Police 104
Emergencies 911

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