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Not to be confused with +242 country code for the Republic of the Congo.

Area code 242 is the local telephone area code of The Bahamas. The 242 area code, or BHA, was created during a split from the original 809 area code which was done in October 1996.

When in The Bahamas, only the seven-digit number is required for local calls, but to call the Bahamas from anywhere within the North American Numbering Plan (the United States, Canada, etc.), simply dial 1-242 followed by the subscriber's phone number.

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Bahamas area codes: 242
North: Atlantic Ocean
West: 305/786, 754/954, 561 Area code 242 East: Atlantic Ocean
South: 649, country code +53 in Cuba
Florida area codes: 239, 305, 321, 352, 386, 407, 561, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941, 954
Turks and Caicos Islands area codes: 649