Telephone numbers in the Pitcairn Islands

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Country Code: +64 (partial)
International Call Prefix: 00

Telephone numbers in Pitcairn Island use ranges owned by New Zealand.

Format: +64 XXXXXXXX

Number range Usage
+64 Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn has had a dedicated satellite connection since 2002,[1] which was extended in 2007 to provide phone and internet service to all households. 4G LTE mobile service has been available since 2018.[2][3]

Due to privacy concerns with such a small group of subscribers, the numbers allocated to them are not made public, except to note that they appear to be ordinary New Zealand numbers (+64-).[4] Calls to these lines are routed via an exchange in Auckland, New Zealand.

Until 2006, the only telephones on Pitcairn were a few Inmarsat Mini M satellite terminals,[5][6] including a public payphone, a control room phone, and a fax device.[7] (These have been retained in case the main phone service fails or is unavailable.) All Inmarsat services use non-geographic country code +870.[8]

Control Room telephone +870 762337765
Public Telephone +870 762337766
Fax +870 762337767

Except for these terminals, phone service is provided by Pitcairn Telecom.[9]


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