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A telephony portal is a platform that aggregates many SIP IP telephony account providers through a unified service[citation needed]. It allows the user to choose one or many SIP VoIP operators or IP telephony operators to use into an SIP phone. Whoever the SIP telephony operator is the user can access to the portal services transparently from VoIP software, whether the service is IPTV, dating services, Wi-Fi location-based content etc. Paid services, such as Wi-Fi access or paid TV, can be billed through the operator when the portal and the operator have interconnected their billing systems.[citation needed]

Telephony portals are usually composed of a web site that features IP telephony operators, and various services that can be accessed from an IP phone and a software that can be a widget that can be used on a PC, a Wi-Fi GSM handset or a Wi-Fi PDA. The software can be downloaded from the telephony portal web site; it is delivered with the features selected from the web site.[citation needed]