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Teleprompt Records LLC
Founded 2003
Founder Tedd T
Paul Meany
Kevin Kookogey
Defunct 2015
Distributor(s) Warner Music Group
Genre Indie
Country of origin United States
Location Franklin, TN
Official website

Teleprompt Records LLC is an independent record label that was formed in 2003 by producer Tedd T, keyboardist and Mutemath vocalist Paul Meany, and lawyer/manager Kevin Kookogey. The label was forged with the sole intention of promoting and distributing music for Meany's start up project Mutemath. The small label is based in Franklin, Tennessee and has an exclusive distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records. New Orleans rock outfit Mutemath remains the only artist on their roster. As of 2015, the relationship between Teleprompt and Warner Music Group has been dissolved and Teleprompt operations have been suspended. MuteMath has since formed an independent label, Wojtek Records, to serve as Teleprompt's successor.


In mid-2005, Teleprompt Records engaged Warner Music Group in litigation involving the marketing and distribution of Mutemath as a Warner artist. Teleprompt claimed that the marketing of Mutemath as a "Christian" band on WB's Word Records constituted breach of contract and negligent mis-representation. Meany and Kookogey both made public statements regarding the action via various media outlets including MTV[1] and Billboard,[2] the latter of which ran a cover story on the incident. Warner never made a public statement. Meany's version of the story claims that they had an agreement to be represented by the mainstream Warner label from the beginning and that WBR was continuously refusing to honor their end of the bargain. When the two parties entered litigation, all the rights to Mutemath's previously released work on Reset EP remained with Warner and the group opted to release their debut LP on their own without any previously recorded material to avoid more conflict. The suit was settled out of court as of August 10, 2006 with a newly forged contract and exclusive distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records who re-released the group's LP on WBR in September 2006.


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