Telerop 2009 – Es ist noch was zu retten

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Telerop 2009 – Es ist noch was zu retten
Genre Science fiction
Written by Jürgen Voigt, Karl Wittlinger[1]
Country of origin West Germany
No. of episodes 13[1]
Running time 25 minutes
Original release July 10, 1974 (1974-07-10)

Telerop 2009 – Es ist noch was zu retten is a German science fiction television series. It was created under the direction of Eberhard Itzenplitz and Michael Kehlmann and first aired on 10 July 1974 on ARD.[2]

The series portrays a dark future for 2009. As a result of environmental pollution during the 1970s and 1980s the natural environment is largely destroyed. For instance the use of pesticides killed off plants with only insects surviving, smog is a permanent problem, Germany partly turned to a steppe landscape and the share of oxygen in the air fell to 16%. Telerop is a television channel which reports from this disaster zone of Germany.[1]

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