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Telescoped ammunition is an ammunition design in which the projectile is partially or completely enveloped by the propellant. Examples include ammunition for both hand weapons and artillery. Some telescoped ammunition is also caseless.

Telescoped ammunition has advantages in comparison with traditional ammunition cartridges. Telescoped ammunition cartridges can have reduced overall length with similar ballistics to a comparable mass traditional round. Also, telescopic cartridges may avoid the risk of damage to the projectile during the loading process.

Cased telescoped ammunition for the LSAT light machine gun has reached technology readiness level 7.[1] In August 2013, AAI Corporation was awarded a $US2.05 million contract to continue developing parts of the US LSAT program. Part of the contract is to further refine 5.56mm cased telescoped ammunition, and develop 7.62mm cased telescoped cartridges.[2]


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