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Telesoft Technologies
Limited Company
Industry Government Infrastructure
Founded 1989
Headquarters Blandford Forum, UK
Area served
Worldwide, Offices in:
USA for Americas
UK for Europe & ROW
Key people
Rob Downham, Chairman
Mat Downham, Managing Director
Steve Patton, Director of Sales and Marketing
Gavin Smith, Business Development Manager
Rohit Singh, Country Manager - AsiaPac & India

MPAC 3240/45
MPAC 3250
vOKEFORD 5500 Media Platform
Telesoft Data Analytics Capability (TDAC)
CERNE (40Gbps IDS & Event Driven Record)

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Number of employees
Around 100
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Telesoft Technologies is a privately held UK based technology company which develops Cyber Security, Telecoms Mobile products and services and Government Infrastructure. Telesoft has operations in USA, UK and India.

Its Cyber Security products include high rate network flow monitoring appliances that operate on multi 100Gbps networks, collection and analysis software and high rate event driven traffic recorders for anomaly, DDoS, Crypto-jacking and breech detection, and low latency historical analysis and profiling for incident response.

Telesoft’s Mobile products include large scale communications technology for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure to service providers, enterprises, and developers.


  • 1989: Telesoft Technologies founded
  • 1989: SS7 on a card, allowing early Computer Telephony Integration, and opening up the SS7 Market to smaller suppliers
  • 1991: 1st passive network monitoring probes developed for Homeland Security & Intelligence
  • 1994: OKEFORD Protocol Converter and Open Programmable Switch launched
  • 1995: Telesoft Technologies opens Americas office in Atlanta, GA
  • 1997: Telesoft Technologies moved into Blandford Forum HQ
  • 1999: ANSTY network monitoring[1] product range for OSS/VAS launched
  • 2000: Telesoft Technologies adds new building to Blandford Forum campus
  • 2007: OKEFORD Media Platform/IVR launched for automated speech recognition[2] and response, allowing VUI rather than GUI interfaces
  • 2008: OKEFORD Media Platform certified VoiceXML compliant
  • 2008: Telesoft Technologies opens India Office in Noida
  • 2009: Telesoft Technologies acquires Think Engine Networks[3] and Cognitronics[4] in Danbury, CT
  • 2009: Telesoft releases the MPAC 3240/45 and MPAC 3250
  • 2010: ARNE IVR introduced to service value added service applications for OEMs and system integrators in the telecoms market.
  • 2011: THINK Engine is a FPGA accelerated probe for session discovery and meta-data extraction of user session content on 3G Gn
  • 2012: MPAC 6010 & 6010 provides accelerated I/O, DPI and packet processing with embedded filtering and routing, enabling compact and powerful systems to be built for 10Gb Ethernet networks.
  • 2013: Triton is an Easy to use, portable, all in one multi-application test tool for development, test and installation engineers to rapidly find faults and validate performance of LTE/EPC, VoLTE/IMS and 3G networks.
  • 2014: TUNA 100G Filters, records and provides playback at 48Gbit/s, with guaranteed hardware timed play-out synchronisation. Analyse and record sessions based on VLAN, MPLS and variable position patterns
  • 2015: SS7 Firewall, High capacity SS7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) enforces rules and GSMA best practice at your network border to prevent abuse and attacks in your SS7 network
  • 2015: Telesoft releases virtualised version of the ARNE IVR systems (vARNE)
  • 2016: Officially opens Extreme Cyber lab in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, US
  • 2016: MPAC Security, enhanced 40Gbit/s capture card offloads signature detection to accelerate bespoke IDS applications and Open Source Suricata
  • 2016: IPFIX Probe, monitor networks in real-time to diagnose network issues and maintain security with the ultra high performance IPFIX Probe
  • 2016: Is selected as Gartner Cool Vendor in Security for Technology and Service Providers, 2016
  • 2016: Telesoft moves Indian Office to Tapasya Corp Heights
  • 2016: Telesoft releases new features for the vARNE and OKEFORD 5500
  • 2017: Telesoft selected as a finalist in the Cyber Security Awards for the most Innovative Product of the Year Award
  • 2017: Telesofts Data Analytics Capability (TDAC) is officially released in early 2017
  • 2017: Event Driven record feature is added to the CERNE 40Gbps IDS Platform
  • 2018: New features and functionality added the FlowProbe


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