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Telesystems is a company specialising in miniature electronics. It is based in Zelenograd, Russia.[1] Its products are sold in more than 20 countries.[citation needed] The Edic-mini series produced by the company has won the Guinness Book of Records title for smallest professional audio recorders.


The company was founded 1991 as a private scientific and production enterprise.[2]

Among Telesystems' most famous products are the Edic-mini Miniature Professional Digital Audio Recorders. The Edic-mini Tiny series has won the Guinness Book of Records title for smallest professional audio recorders in 2004 and 2007. Other recorder products include the small-sized mARV miniature audio-video recorders, known for their low power consumption and the progressive Wavelet algorithm for video compression; the Trai Digital Video recorders; EMM/EMMS Tiny Audio Recording modules for manufacturing other recording devices of different designs. The company also develops software for all of the above mentioned products.[1][2]

Other products include:[2]

  • The Strazh Control system for indoor and transport applications.
  • The automatic voice announcement units for on-board usage on vehicles.
  • The Relax decorative LED lamp.
  • The Phone Master phones with Caller-ID function, digital voice mail, and computer interface.
  • The phone adapters with the Expert Caller-ID function.
  • Different telephone adapters.

Telesystems has established an export company for marketing its products overseas: TS-Market Ltd. It exports Telesystems' products worldwide to 20 countries.[2][better source needed]


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