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Teletrol System
Industry Lighting Technologies
Founded 1985
Headquarters Manchester, NH, United States
Area served
Products Multi-site building environment controllers
Owner Philips Electronics
Number of employees
Parent Philips Electronics

Teletrol (Teletrol Systems Inc.) is a United States company based in Manchester, NH. Teletrol is a supplier of building automation systems and components. Its products are designed to centralize the management and control of heating/cooling (HVAC) and lighting systems to reduce energy consumption and operating costs for organizations with multiple locations. Teletrol's products consist of hardware components (thermostatic controllers) installed at remote sites, and browser-based software that is used to communicate between those sites and the central location via HTTP.

Teletrol was privately owned by Dean Kamen until July 15, 2009.

Teletrol has been recently acquired by Philips Electronics.[1]


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