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Televise were an electronic shoegazing band formed by former Slowdive and Lowgold drummer Simon Scott in 2004.

They released their debut single "Smile" in December 2004 followed by an EP, the 3-track Outside Out, in April 2005 to a warm reception from music press.[citation needed] In July 2005, the band recorded the soundtrack and an original song for the Australian film, How My Next Door Neighbour Discovered Life On Mars, which received several award nominations.[clarification needed]

Debut album "Songs to Sing in A&E" was released soon after which began to see them develop an experimental edge that combines melody, ambience and textures of guitar and electronic noise.

1 May 2007 "Strings and Wires" mini-LP was released on Drifting Falling Records which saw Scott relocate Televise out of London to Cambridgeshire (huntingdon) and begin to operate without the musicians that recorded with him on the debut album. This recording threw Scott into electronic and ambient textured sounds that the British music compared to Fennesz, Tim Hecker and other modern electronic pioneers.[citation needed]

October 2007 saw a remix vinyl only 7" released on AC30 featuring Ulrich Schnauss, who has often said that Scott's old band Slowdive were a major influence on his work, and also Isan who covered two songs on the Morr Music album "Blue Skied and Clear" which is a Slowdive covers album. Simon is also 50% of Morr Music band Seavault with Antony Ryan from Isan, who released the "Mercy Seat/ I could be happy" 7" single in November 2007.

2008 saw Televise release the second album "Secret Valentine" released on 14 February on Distant Noise Records which moved further into fractured electronic sounds and another ep "Sometimes Splendid Confusion" released on the Drifting Falling label in April.

In May 2008 "Volume Three", which collects the previous three Televise releases, is released on Simons own KESHHHHHH Recordings label.

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