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Television Kiribati Ltd, or TV Kiribati, was the sole, state-owned[1] television service in Kiribati.


Established in 2002,[2] it broadcast "local and foreign programmes", and was accessible only in South Tarawa (the country's capital) and in the neighbouring island-town of Betio.[3] It provided "about one hour of local programming" on weekdays, and did not broadcast over week-ends.[4]

Undetermined Suspension[edit]

Television Kiribati was suspended by the government in March 2013, due to "serious financial problems", and its personnel's "lack [of] expertise and knowledge in programming and production". The government announced a review to determine whether the closure should be permanent.[3] As it was the only television service, viewers in Tarawa South were left with access to radio and newspapers as their media for information.[2]

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