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Television in Azerbaijan was introduced in 1956, when Azerbaijan was still known as the Azerbaijani SSR.[1][2]

Azerbaijan has a total of 47 television channels, of which 4 are public television channels and 43 are private television channels of which 12 are national television channels and 31 regional television channels. According to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan, the television penetration rate is 99% according to 2014 data.[3] The penetration rate of cable television in Azerbaijan totaled 28.1% of households in 2013, from a study by the State Statistical Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic. Almost 39% of the cable television subscriber base is concentrated in major cities. The penetration rate of cable television totaled 59.1% in the city of Baku in 2013.[4]

List of channels[edit]

This is a list of television channels that broadcast in Azerbaijan.[3]


Name Owner Established
AzTV Azerbaijan TV and Radio Programme Society (state-owned) 1956
İdman Azərbaycan Azerbaijan TV and Radio Programme Society (state-owned) 2009
İTV Azerbaijan TV and Radio Broadcasting Company 2005
Mədəniyyət TV Azerbaijan TV and Radio Programme Society (state-owned) 2011



Name Owner Established
ANS TV AnsPress 1991
Space TV Vagif Mustafayev 1997
Lider TV Media Holding Ltd 2000
ATV Azerbaijani TV and Radio Broadcasting Company 2000
Xazar TV Ahmad Gül 2007
CBC Caspian Broadcasting Company of SOCAR 2013
Region TV Azerbaijani TV Network 2014
IQ TV Azer-Sat 1995
Azadliq Radyosu TV VOA 1990
Zuhur TV MFS 2013
InterAz Group AZ 2007
Bütöv Azerbaycan B&B 2010


Name Owner Established Region Available in
Alternativ TV Alternativ-Tele-Radio 2001 Ganja Aran Economic Region, Ganja-Gazakh
AOLTV "A" MMC 2004 Tartar Yukhari Garabakh, Kalbajar-Lachin
AS-TV AS TV Society 2007 Astara Lankaran
El TV El TV MMC 2009 Yevlakh Aran Economic Region, Ganja-Gazakh, Yukhari Garabakh
Türkel TV "TÜRKEL TV" MMC 2010 Tovuz Ganja-Gazakh
News2 TV "A" MMC 2003 Barda Yukhari Garabakh, Aran Economic Region
Shirvan TV Region Company 2002 Shirvan Aran Economic Region
B1 TV "N" AMC 2006 Naftalan Yukhari Garabakh, Ganja-Gazakh
Aygün TV AgMMC 1996 Absheron Absheron Economic Region, Dagligh Shirvan
Canub TV Cənub TV Mahdud Masuliyyatli Society 2006 Lankaran Lankaran, Aran Economic Region
Daily Azerbaijan DA1 2013 Zakatala Shaki-Zaqatala
Sumgait TV Sumgait City Radio & TV Company 2001 Sumgait Absheron Economic Region, Guba-Khachmaz
RTV RTV Mahdud Masuliyyatli Society 2007 Khachmaz Guba-Khachmaz, Shaki-Zaqatala, Dagligh Shirvan
Regional TV ASB+ 2007 Shamakhi Dagligh Shirvan, Shaki-Zaqatala, Aran Economic Region
Kanal-S Kanal-S Mahdud Masuliyyatli Society 2008 Shaki Shaki-Zaqatala, Ganja-Gazakh, Aran Economic Region
Kanal 35 NMR 2004 Nakhchivan Nakhchivan
Kanal N NMR 2007 Ordubad Nakhchivan
Yevlakh TV Yevlakh TV Mahdud Masuliyyatli Society 2006 Yevlakh Aran Economic Region, Shaki-Zaqatala, Ganja-Gazakh
Simurg TV Simurq M TV Company 1996 Sumgait Absheron Economic Region, Guba-Khachmaz
Simurg M TV Simurq M TV Company 1995 Sumgait Absheron Economic Region, Guba-Khachmaz
Intimacy TV East-West Company 2012 Imishli Aran Economic Region, Yukhari Garabakh
Mingachevir TV Vahid Mammadov 1998 Mingachevir Aran Economic Region, Shaki-Zaqatala, Yukhari Garabakh
Qütb TV Qütb Teleradio 1995 Quba Guba-Khachmaz, Dagligh Shirvan,
LL 33 SSMCC 1998 Dashkasan Ganja-Gazakh, Yukhari Garabakh, Kalbajar-Lachin
SM TV SSMCC 2002 Shamkir Ganja-Gazakh, Kalbajar-Lachin
TVT Tovuz Production 1998 Tovuz Ganja-Gazakh, Kalbajar-Lachin, Yukhari Garabakh
PTV PLOC 2011 Qax Shaki-Zaqatala
Razi TV Razi Television and Radio 2014 Beylaqan Aran Economic Region, Yukhari Garabakh, Dagligh Shirvan
Kapaz TV Kapaz TV Company 1993 Ganja Ganja-Gazakh, Yukhari Garabakh, Kalbajar-Lachin
Xayal TV Xayal Independent TV and Radio 1998 Quba Guba-Khachmaz, Daghlig Shirvan, Absheron Economic Region
Dünya TV Dünya TV Company 1999 Sumgait Absheron Economic Region, Guba-Khachmaz



Name Established Disestablished
AzTV 2 1992 2005


Name Established Disestablished
ABA July 1999 July 2001
Baku TV 1993 1996
BMTI August 1993 May 1994
Lankaran TV April 2000 December 2005
LTV 1996 2002
KL 350 1991 1991
STV June 2000 October 2005
Shou+ TV 1999 2008
Super Channel 1993 1994
Sara TV 1992 1999
Tolerance TV 2004 2009
TTR-TV 1997 2003
Umid TV 2005 2012
Yevlakh TV 2005 2005

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