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Television in Latvia was first tested in 1937 and introduced in 1954. This is a list of television channels that broadcast for a Latvian language audience.

Public owned[edit]

  • LTV1 – national television
  • LTV7 – national television


  • TV3 (Latvia)
  • LNT
  • Channel 2 (Latvia)
  • TV6 (Latvia)
  • STV Pirmā!
  • 360 TV
  • 3+ Latvia
  • Pro100TV
  • OE TV
  • First Baltic Musical Channel
  • First Baltic Channel Latvia
  • TV XXI
  • Viasat Sport Baltic
  • Rīga TV24
  • TV
  • Latvijas Šlāgerkanāls
  • Mūzikas Video

Modern Times Group[edit]

Channels marked with an asterisk (*) have Latvian subtitles only, advertisements in Latvian

Fox Broadcasting Company[edit]

Sony Pictures Television[edit]

Baltic Media Alliance[edit]

Other television channels[edit]

Local / regional TV stations[edit]

Defunct channels[edit]