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Television in Latvia was first tested in 1937 and introduced in 1954. Latvia was the first country in the Baltic States which started broadcasting. First regular broadcasting on Latvian Television (LTV) was started on 6 November 1954. Since 1991, first private television studios started broadcasting. Color television started in 1974. Digital television was started testing in May 2002 and all terrestrial analogue stations stopped broadcasting on 1 June 2010 after introducing it.

Most of the non-Latvian television programs are dubbed, some are subtitled, but some are both dubbed and subtitled. This is a list of television channels that broadcast for a Latvian language audience.

TV Channels[edit]

No. Channel name Free-to-air Description
1. LTV1 Yes documentaries, news, politics, satire, series, films
2. LTV7 Yes news, sport, entertainment, series, films, children's programming
3. TV3 No films, series, sports, news
4. LNT No films, series, sports, news
5. 360 TV No series, films, documentaries
6. TV6 No men's programmes, series, films, sports
7. STV No women's programmes, lifestyle programmes, series
8. Kanāls 2 No women's programmes, lifestyle programmes, series
9. Rīga TV24 Yes news, politics, series, culture
10. Re:TV Yes regional programmes, news, documentaries
11. TV Yes sports
12. Best4Sport TV Yes sports
13. Viasat Sport Baltic Yes sports
14. FOX Yes entertainment, series, films
15. FOX Life Yes entertainment, series, films
16. National Geographic No nature, science, documentaries
17. Discovery Channel Europe Yes science, documentaries
18. Latvijas Šlāgerkanāls Yes music
19. Mūzikas Video Yes music
20. First Baltic Channel Yes entertainment, series, films
21. First Baltic Musical Channel No music
22. KidZone TV No children's programming (from 06:00 to 22:30 hrs. only), music (from 22:30 to 06:00 hrs.)
23. LOLO TV No children's programming
24. Sony Channel No entertainment, series, films
25. Sony Turbo No entertainment, films, series

Local / regional TV stations[edit]

Defunct channels[edit]