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Television in Sri Lanka dates back to 1979. Television broadcasting, like other forms of media in the country, is generally divided along linguistic lines with state and private media operators providing services in Sinhala, Tamil, and English languages.


Businessmen Anil Wijewardena and Shan Wickremasinghe established the country's first TV station Independent Television Network which started broadcasting on 15 April 1979.[1] The new station remained independent for less than two months as the government took control of it on 5 June 1979 following a dispute with President J. R. Jayewardene.[1] Sri Lanka's second state-owned TV station - Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) - was established by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Act No. 6 of 1982.[2] SLRC started broadcasting on 15 February 1982.[1] The Act required the SLRC maintain taste and decency and not to incite crime and disorder or cause religious or public offence.

The government maintained a monopoly on television broadcasting until 1992 when private TV stations were allowed to broadcast but they were to be regulated by the SLRC.[1] Maharaja Television (MTV), a joint venture between Capital Maharaja and Singapore Telecommunications Limited, was one of the first private TV stations. Since then many new TV stations have started in Sri Lanka. There are also a number of satellite networks and pay per view television networks in Sri Lanka. The national telecommunications provider Sri Lanka Telecom also launched an IPTV service in 2008.

Television providers[edit]


The following is a list of current television providers based in Sri Lanka.

Provider Ownership Owner Transmission Established Website
Ask Cable Vision[a] Private Ask Media & Cable Vision Digital cable 2010
City Cable[b] Private City Cable Links Cable
Dialog TV[c] Private Dialog Axiata Digital satellite July 2005
Dish TV[d] Private Dish TV Digital satellite March 2015
Lanka Broadband Networks[e] Private Lanka Broadband Networks Analog cable, digital cable 2000
PEO TV State-owned[f] SLT Visioncom[g] IPTV September 2008
Satcom[h] Private Future Sat Com Holdings Satellite
TV Lanka Private Digital terrestrial 2012


The following is a list of former television providers which were based in Sri Lanka.

Provider Ownership Owner Transmission Established Closed
Multivision[i] Private Ruhunu 2001 Multivision Analog microwave 1999 2008

Television stations[edit]


The following is a list of current television stations based in Sri Lanka.

Station Ownership Owner Language Established Terrestrial Satellite Cable IPTV
Streaming Website
Digital Dialog



Ada Derana 24X7 Private Power House English/Sinhala 20 July 2014 No No 14 2508 No 14 No
ART Television[k] Private IWS Holdings English 1996 Yes No 13 No Yes 017 No
Channel C Private Wide Angle Productions Sinhala 10 March 2008 No No 45 No No No No
Channel Eye[l] State-owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation English April 1999 Yes No 02 2572 Yes 002 Link
Citi Hitz Private OnAir World Ceylon Sinhala 10 December 2007 No No Yes No No No No
Colombo TV Private Colombo Television Limited Sinhala 1 January 2015 No No No Yes No No Link
Dharmavahini TV Private Dharmavahini Foundation Sinhala 20 May 2007 No No No No Yes No Link
Dream TV[m] Private GalleZone Solutions Sinhala 2010 No No No 2511 No 015 No
ETV[n] Private EAP Broadcasting Company English 1995 Yes No No No Yes 005 No
Heritage TV[o] Private Heritage Television Sinhala 8 May 2009 No No 28 No No No No
Hiru TV Private Asia Broadcasting Corporation Sinhala 23 May 2012 Yes No 10 2507 Yes 019 Link
ITN Channel State-owned Independent Television Network Sinhala 13 April 1979 Yes No 03 2517 Yes 003 Link
Knowledge TV Private Pix & Words Sinhala 2010 No No No No No 018 No
Nethra TV State-owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Tamil 1 January 2008 Yes No 02 2572 No 002 Link
Rangiri TV Non-profit Rangiri Sri Lanka Media Network Sinhala July 2011 No No Yes 2532 No 022 No
Raw TV Private Raw Television Sinhala 26 October 2015 No No No No No No Link
Ridee TV Private Tiss Nagodavithana Films Sinhala 2012 No No 14 No No No No
Rupavahini State-owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Sinhala 15 February 1982 Yes No 01 2506 Yes 001 No
Sarana TV Non-profit Sarana Media Network Sinhala 2014 No No No No No 094 No
Shakthi TV Private MTV Channel Tamil 20 October 1998 Yes No 08 2609 Yes 011 No
Shraddha TV Non-profit Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery Sinhala 29 September 2012 Yes No 19 2531 No 099 Link
Sindu TV Private Iraj Productions English/Sinhala 2015 No No No No Yes No No
Sirasa TV[p] Private MTV Channel Sinhala 14 December 1998 Yes No 07 2513 Yes 010 Link
Siyatha TV Private Voice of Asia Network Sinhala 17 September 2009 Yes No Yes 2512 Yes 021 Link
Siyasa TV Private Siyasa Media Network Sinhala 28 January 2014 No No No No No 095 No
Sri TV Private Sri TV Sinhala 2006 No No No No Yes 110 Link
Star Tamil [q] Private Voice of Asia Network Tamil 17 September 2009 Yes No Yes 2618 Yes 008 No
Swarga TV Non-profit Rock Foundation English/Sinhala/Tamil 2011 No No 30 No Yes No No
Swarnavahini[r] Private EAP Broadcasting Company Sinhala 1997 Yes No 06 2516 Yes 006 Link
The Buddhist[s] Non-profit Sri Sambodhi Foundation Sinhala 29 June 2007 No No 18 2592 No 096 No
TNL TV Private Telshan Networks English/Sinhala 21 June 1993 Yes No 11 2511 Yes 013 Link
TV 1[t] Private MTV Channel English/Sinhala 14 December 1992 Yes No 09 2553 Yes 012 Link
TV Derana[u] Private Power House Sinhala 11 October 2005 Yes No 05 2514 Yes 004 Link
TV Didula[v] Non-profit Sanhinda Media Network Sinhala 20 February 2016 Yes No 17 2509 Yes 117 No
TV Lanka Private Electroteks Global Networks Sinhala March 2002 No Yes No No Yes No No
UTV Tamil[w] Private SATIS Agency (Pvt) Ltd Tamil 23 March 2017 Yes No 23 No No No No
Vasantham TV State-owned Independent Television Network Tamil 25 June 2009 Yes No 04 2614 Yes 007 Link
Verbum TV[x] Non-profit Verbum Television English/Sinhala/Tamil 2014 No No Yes 2591 No 093 Link


The following is a list of former television stations which were based in Sri Lanka.

Station Ownership Owner Language Established Closed Notes
CSN TV[y] Private Carlton Sports Network English/Sinhala 7 March 2011 2016 License suspended[8]
DAN Tamil Oli Private Ask Media and Cable Vision Network Tamil January 2009 2013 Now shown only on cable and satellite.
NTV State-owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation English 18 November 2009 2010
Prime TV State-owned Independent Television Network English 12 November 2009 2010
TV 2 Private Peoples Media Network English 1 November 2008 2009
You TV[z] Private MGM Networks English/Sinhala/Tamil 17 January 2007


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