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The Crown dependency of the Isle of Man does not have any of its own television channels and instead receives United Kingdom television channels.

Unlike the Crown dependencies in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man does not have island-specific opt-out of the BBC or ITV regional news programmes, in the way that the Channel Islands get their own version of Spotlight and Channel Report and instead the Isle of Man is included as part of BBC North West and ITV Granada.

United Kingdom television channels available in the Isle of Man[edit]


The Isle of Man is covered by BBC North West on BBC One and receives the local news programme BBC North West Tonight and news bulletins covering the island are included in North West Tonight. The island receives the national England variation of BBC Two. There is no specific island continuity and the island utilises the England wide continuity for both BBC One and BBC Two. The Isle of Man is part of BBC English Regions. Some viewers receive services from Northern Ireland, Wales and North East & Cumbria rather than from island-based relays.


ITV Border film crew at Snaefell Railway on the Isle of Man (August 1984)

Commercial television came to the island on 26 March 1965, unlike the Channel Islands (which were designated their own franchise of Channel Television), the Isle of Man was included in the large ITV Border franchise based in Carlisle. After it was announced that the ITV Border and ITV Tyne Tees would merge, a survey was taken of Isle of Man viewers in autumn 2008,[1] coverage of the Isle of Man was transferred from ITV Border to ITV Granada on Thursday 16 July 2009.[2][3][4] The island receives the national ITV continuity and news from the island is featured in Granada Reports. Like the BBC, some viewers receive ITV services through their aerials from elsewhere, including Northern Ireland's UTV and ITV Wales, rather than local relays.

Channel 4[edit]

The commercial network Channel 4 broadcasts to the island but Channel 4 does not provide any regionalisation other than advertising. The Isle of Man is covered by Channel 4's North Macro advertising region.[5]

Channel 5[edit]

The United Kingdom's Channel 5 broadcasts to the island but also utilises a single national channel with regional advertising in which the Isle of Man is covered by The North macro.[6]

Digital television[edit]

The Isle of Man receives the full digital channel service from North West England region.


Analogue terrestrial[edit]

Digital switch-over for the Isle of Man was completed on 16 July 2009.


The Isle of Man is included as part of the North West region for Freeview.

Television licence[edit]

The United Kingdom TV licence also covers the Isle of Man which is currently[when?] £145.50 and primarily used to fund BBC services. The Isle of Man no longer funds free TV licences for persons 75 and over.[7]

Local television[edit]

In 1993, Tynwald passed legislation (the Broadcasting Act 1993) allowing for the establishment of local television services. One application for a licence to run such a service was received by the Communications Commission from Manx Television Limited, a company formed for the purpose of the application. This was rejected in 2003 due to failure to supply relevant supporting evidence.[8] That's Media Group, a community TV provider in the UK announced proposals to establish a dedicated home Isle of Man television service during the 2017 Celtic Media Festival. No details of any intended delivery method were disclosed.[9]


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