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The Telex Corp. specimen stock certificate

Telex Communications, originally Telex Corporation, was a Burnsville, Minnesota-based manufacturer of hearing aids and audio equipment. Founded in 1936 as a maker of hearing aids, it entered the computer peripherals businesses in the 1960s. Telex Communications was structured as a subsidiary of Telex Corp in the 1970s. Telex Corp was acquired by Memorex in 1988, which renamed itself Memorex Telex NV. The hearing aid portion of Telex Corp. was subsequently spun out as in 1989 as Telex Communications, an independent company. Memorex retained Telex Corp's peripherals businesses.

In February 1998 Telex Communications merged with Electro-Voice.

In August 2006, the company was acquired by Germany's Bosch Group for $420 million,[1] becoming a business unit under the name "Bosch Communications Systems".[2][3]

One of its chairmen, Roger Wheeler was murdered by the Winter Hill Gang in 1981.


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