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Telford Medal

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Telford Medal, in Lake Biwa Canal Museum of Kyoto, Japan

The Telford Medal is a prize awarded by the British Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for a paper or series of papers. It was introduced in 1835 following a bequest made by Thomas Telford, the ICE's first president. It can be awarded in gold, silver or bronze; the Telford Gold Medal is the highest award the institution can bestow.


In 1834 Scottish civil engineer and the Institution of Civil Engineers' first president (1820–1834), Thomas Telford died, leaving in his will his library of technical works to the Institution of Civil Engineers, as well as a bequest of £2000; the interest from which was to be used to for the purpose of "Annual Premiums". The council of the institute decided to expend the premiums on both honorary and monetary rewards, the honorary awards being named Telford Medals, which would be awarded in gold, silver and bronze forms. Suitable candidates for the awards were submitters of drawings, models, diagrams or essays relating to civil engineering or any other new equipment of invention relating to engineering or surveying in general, which is regarded as most seminal and influential. The awards were to be open to both Englishmen and foreigners equally.[1] After provision for the Telford Medal, the remaining income is used for up to four annual prizes for papers presented to the institution.[2]

The inaugural gold award was given in June 1837 to John Timperley for his account of the history and construction of the town docks of the Port of Kingston upon Hull, published in volume 1 of the Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers; the medals carried an image of Telford on one side, and of his Menai Bridge on the reverse. The bust of Telford was a design by William Wyon and the medal is also signed "J. S. and A. B. Wyon" a collaboration of Joseph Shepherd Wyon and his brother, Alfred Benjamin Wyon. John Macneill, James M. Rendel, Michael A. Borthwick, Peter Barlow, and Benedetto Albano received silver awards in the same session.[3]


Telford Medal[edit]

The Telford gold medal is issued generally once a year. See below for the Telford Premium of which a larger number (up to 10, may be issued each year in the silver and bronze categories).

21st century[edit]

  Gold   Silver   Bronze

Year Name Medal Paper
2022 S. Kaminski, R. Henly, N. Ciuffetelli and others    Strengthening the 1960s UK Commonwealth Institute hyperbolic paraboloid roof [4]
2021 Z. Zhou, C.D. O'Loughlin, D.J. White    An effective stress analysis for predicting the evolution of SCR–seabed stiffness accounting for consolidation[4]
2020 M.S.P. Wan, J.R. Standing, D.M. Potts, J.B. Burland    Pore water pressure and total horizontal stress response to EPBM tunnelling in London Clay [4]
2019 N.M. Pinyol, M Alvarado, E.E. Alonso, F. Zabala    Thermal effects in landslide mobility [4]
2018 M.S.P. Wan, J.R. Standing, D.M. Potts, J.B. Burland    Measured short-term subsurface ground displacements from EPBM tunnelling in London Clay [4]
2017 Rainer Barthel, Joram Tutsch, Joseph Jordan    The Gothic tower of Freiburg Minster, Germany: analysis and repair [4]
2016 Alba Yerro, Eduardo E. Alonso, Nuria M. Pinyol    The material point method for unsaturated soils[5]
2014 R. Kerry Rowe    Performance of GCLS in liners for landfill and mining applications[6]
2013 Brian A. Giannakopoulos, Nigel B. Kaye and Gary R. Hunt The influence of room geometry on the overturning of smoke owing to a floor fire [7]
2012 Deric J. Oehlers, M.S. Mohamed Ali, Michael C. Griffith, Matthew Haskett, Wade Lucas A generic unified reinforced concrete model
2011 Victoria B. Ashley, John E. Earp, David J. Coates, Roger Ashworth The accelerator-driven thorium reactor power station [8]
2010 Santiago Huerta The safety of masonry buttresses[9]
2009 Neil Hoult, Paul Fidler, Campbell Middleton, Kenichi Soga    Wireless sensor networks: Creating 'smart infrastructure'[10]
2008 Alan E. Vardy Generation and alleviation of sonic booms from rail tunnels [11]
2007 Michael B. Abbott Managing the inner world of infrastructure
2006 Eduardo E. Alonso, Antonio Gens Aznalcóllar Dam failure

[12] [13] [14]

2005 H. Sharman Why wind power works for Denmark[15]
2004 Robert H.J. Sellin, David P. van Beesten Conveyance of a managed vegetated two-stage river channel [16]
2003 Simon J. Wheeler, Marc S.R. Buisson, Radhey S. Sharma Coupling of hydraulic hysteresis and stress–strain behaviour in unsaturated soils [17]
2002 Lidija Zdravković, David M. Potts, David W. Hight The effect of strength anisotropy on the behaviour of embankments on soft ground[18]
2001 Melanie Batten, William Powrie Measurement and analysis of temporary prop loads at Canary Wharf underground station, east London [19]
2000 Scott W. Sloan ARC Centre of Excellence in Geotechnical Science and Engineering, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Hai-Sui Yu Professor of Geotechnical Engineering and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham[20]

20th century[edit]

  Gold   Silver   Bronze

Year Name Medal Paper
1999 Graham W Plant and Douglas E Oakervee Hong Kong International Airport – civil engineering design[21]
1998 David Potts, Peter Rolfe Vaughan, Nebojsa Kovacevic Delayed collapse of cut slopes in stiff clay.[22][23]
1997 Alistair Biggart Storebaelt Tunnel [24]
1995 R.P.J. Clarke and Colin Norman Paterson Mackenzie Overcoming ground difficulties at Tooting Bec [25]
1994 R.P.J. Clarke and Colin Norman Paterson MacKenzie Overcoming Ground Difficulties at Tooting Bec.[26]
Eduardo E. Alonso, Antonio Gens, A. Lloret The landslide of Cortes de Pallas, Spain[27]
1993 A.R. Flint (jointly) Strengthening and Refurbishment of The Severn Crossing

[28] [29]

1991 David Potts, Peter Rolfe Vaughan [22]
1989 Nick Shirlaw [30]
1986 D. Droy, A. McGowan, D.C. Mann A8 Port Glasgow Eastern Section: Design and Construction.[31]
1985 Rodney C. Bridle, Peter Rolfe Vaughan, Howard N. Jones Empingham Dam – Design, Construction and Performance [32]
1984 Jayanta K. Mitra, J. H. Tetlow, and N. Ellis Hutton Tension Leg Platform – The Hutton Tension Leg Platform [33]
? Terence W. Hulme [34]
1982 Nigel Ruffle [35]
1981 Roy Severn, Alan Jeary, Brian Ellis Forced vibration testing of embankment dams using an eccentric mass exciter system [36]
1978 David Blockley Analysis of Structural Failures [37]
1976 Sir Alan Muir Wood [38]
1973 Alistair Biggart The Bentonite Tunnelling Machine [24]
John Vernon Bartlett [39]
1971 John Vernon Bartlett [39]
1968 Letitia Chitty [40]
1968 Peter Walter Rowe Summary. The Influence of Geological Features of Clay Deposits on the Design and Performance of Sand Drains[41]
1968 Geoffrey Binnie [42]
1965 Bill Carlyle Llyn Brianne Water Scheme, River Towy, Wales
1964 Mary Kendrick 'Reasons for siltation in the Mersey estuary' First female medallist [43]
1962 Henry Chilver, Baron Chilver [44]
Stanley Bernard Warder    'Electric Traction in the British Railways Modernization Plan'[45]
1958 Gerald Lacey `regime theory' for the design of major irrigation canals and Stable Channel Flow.[46]
1949 C.B.H.Colquhoun, Terence Patrick O'Sullivan The Brabazon Assembly Hall at Filton[47]
1948 Alexander Mitchell Screw-piles [48]
1935 B. M. Hellstrom [49]
c.1934 J.J.C Bradfield The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Approaches [50]
1932 John Fleetwood Baker Design of steel-framed buildings
1930 William Thomson Halcrow    Lochaber (water-power) scheme.[51]
1928 Sydney Lionel Rothery A.M.I.C.E., paper describing the salient engineering features of an international irrigation project in California, United States, and in Lower California, Mexico.[52]
c.1928 Oscar Faber Plastic Yield, Shrinkage, and Other Problems of Concrete, and Their Effect on Design[53]
1927 Oswald Longstaff Prowde The Gezira Irrigation Scheme, including the Sennar Dam on the Blue Nile[54]
1926 John Arthur Saner The most efficient & economical means of overcoming differences in level in canals and inland navigations
1924 Charles Inglis The Theory of Transverse Oscillations in Girders and its Relation to Live Load and Impact Allowance[55]
1921 Ernest George Coker [56]
1918 Edward Sandeman   Gold 'Derwent Valley Waterworks' (Derwent and Howden Dam construction, Peak District, UK) [57]
1915 James R. Forgie The Laxaxalpam Aqueduct Tunnels in Mexico [58][59]
? William Wright Harts [60]
1911 Francis Collingwood Repairs to the Allegheny Bridge [61]
William J. Wilgus Detroit River Tunnel[62]
1910 Adam Hunter and Francis Charles Buscarlet Queen Alexandra Bridge over the River Wear, Sunderland.
George Robert Graham Conway Chief Engineer, Monterrey Railway, Light and Power Company, Mexico[citation needed]
Charles Mattathias Jacobs Tunnelling the North River [63]
1907–1908 William Barclay Parsons    'The New York Rapid Transit Subway.' [64]
1906–1907 Dugald Clerk [65]
Edward John Way [66]
1905–1906 George Alfred Denny    'Design and Working of Gold-Milling Equipment, with special reference to the Witwatersrand.' [67]
1904–1905 Lord Brassey    'Shipbuilding for the Navy.' [68]
Charles Stuart Russell Palmer    'Coolgardie Water-Supply.' [68]
Major Sir Robert Hanbury Brown [69]
1901–1902 John McFarlane Gray    'Variable and Absolute Specific Heats of Water'[70]
William Morris Mordey    ′Electrical traction on Railways′ (joint paper with Bernard M. Jenkin)[70]
1901 William T.C. Beckett The Bridges over the Orissa Rivers on the East Coast Extension of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway.[71]
1900 Edmund Wragge and George Andrew Hobson The Metropolitan Terminus of the Great Central Railway[72]
Llewelyn Birchall Atkinson and Claude William Atkinson (brothers) 'Electrical Mining Machines'[73]

19th century[edit]

  Gold   Silver   Bronze

Year Name Medal Paper
1897–1898 Arthur Henry Preece 'The Electricity Supply of London'[74]
Henry Charles Stanley 'Re-erection of the Albert Bridge, Brisbane' [75]
Henry Fowler 'Calcium Carbide and Acetylene'[76]
1896–1897 Herbert Alfred Humphrey 'The Mond Gas-Producer Plant and its Application.'[77]
Colonel John Pennycuick 'The Diversion of the Periyar'[77]
Edward Clapp Shankland 'Steel Skeleton Construction in Chicago'[77]
Thomas Holgate    'The Enrichment of Coal-Gas'[77]
Dugald Drummond    'Investigation into the Use of Progressive High Pressures in Non-compound Locomotive Engines'[77][78]
1895–1896 Matthew Henry Phineas Riall Sankey 'The Thermal Efficiency of Steam Engines'[79]
James Alfred Ewing 'The Magnetic Testing of Iron and Steel'[79]
John Oliver Arnold 'The Influence of Carbon on Iron.'[79]
George Henry Hill 'The Thirlmere Works for the Water-Supply of Manchester'[79]
1894–1895 William Duff Bruce 'The Kidderpur Docks, Calcutta'[80]
Sigvard Johnson Berg 'The St. Gothard Mountain Railway and the Stanzerhorn Cable Railway' [80]
Archibald Sharp 'Circular Wheel Teeth' [80]
Henry Gill Posthumously for 'The Filtration of the Muggel Lake Water Supply, Berlin'[80]
1893–1894 William John Bird Clerke Construction of the masonry dam at Tansa[81]
Sakuro Tanabe 'The Lake Biwa to Kioto Canal'[82]
1892–1893 Peter William Willans 'Steam Engine Trials'[83]
Mathew Buchan Jamieson and John Howell 'Mining and Ore-Treatment at Broken Hill, New South Wales'[83]
George Shattuck Morison 'The River Piers of the Memphis Bridge'[83]
Robert Gordon 'Hydraulic Work in the Irrawaddy Delta'[83]
Alan Brebner 'Relative Powers of Lighthouse Lenses'[83]
Alexander Pelham Trotter The Distribution and Measurement of Illumination[84]
1891–1892 Francis Fox 'The Hawarden Bridge'
Alfred Weeks Szlumper[85]    "Widening and Improvement Works London and South Western Railway Metropolitan Extension".[86]
Thomas Hudson Beare "The Building-Stones of Great Britain: their Crushing Strength and other Properties".[87]
1890–1891 Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton
1889–1890 John Robinson 'The Barry Dock Works including the Hydraulic Machinery and the Mode of Tipping Coal'
Charles Ormsby Burge [88]
Frederick Thomas Granville Walton Chief Engineer of Dufferin Bridge, India, 1887[88]
1888–1889 Gisbert Kapp 'Alternate Current Machinery'
Edgar Worthington    [89]
1887–1888 Robert Abbott Hadfield 'Manganese in its Application to Metallurgy and Some Newly discovered Properties of Iron and Manganese'[90]
Edward Hopkinson 'Electrical Tramway: the Bessbrook and Newry Tramway'[90]
Josiah Pierce Jun 'The Economic Use of the Plane-Table in Topographical Surveying'[90]
1885–1886 Gisbert Kapp 'Modern Continuous Current Dynamo-Electric Machines and their Engines'[91]
Charles Edmund Stromeyer 'The Injurious Effect of a Blue Heat on Steel and Iron' [91]
Leveson Francis Vernon-Harcourt 'The River Seine'[91]
1883–1884 Thomas Andrews 'Galvanic Action between Wrought Iron, Cast Metals, and various Steels, during long exposure in Sea-water'[92]
George Howard Darwin [93]
Sir Samuel Bagster Boulton, Bt 'The Antiseptic Treatment of Timber' [92]
William Foster 'Experiments on the Composition and Destructive Distillation of Coal' [92]
Francis Collingwood 'On Repairing the Cables of the Allegheny Suspension Bridge at Pittsburgh,

Pa., U.S.A'[92]

1882–1883 Ralph Hart Tweddell 'On Machine-Tools, and other Labour-saving Appliances, worked by Hydraulic-Pressure,'[94]
William Anderson 'Antwerp Waterworks'
George Howard [95]
1881-1882 Theophilus Seyrig [96]
Max an Ende [96]
James Weyrauch [96]
1880–1881 Benjamin Walker 'Machinery for Steel Making by Bessemer and Siemens Processes.' [97]
1879–1880 James Bower Mackenzie 'The Avonmouth Dock.'[98]
Adam Fettiplace Blandy 'Dock Gates'[98]
Joseph Lucas Hydrogeological surveys [99]
1877–1878 Frederick Augustus Abel [100]
1876–1877 Benjamin Baker Cleopatra's Needle[101]
1874–1875 George Deacon 'On the Constant and Intermittent Supply of Water'[102]
William Hackney 'The Manufacture of Steel' [103]
Harry Edward Jones 'The Construction of Gasworks' [103]
Alexander Richardson Binnie 'The Nagpur Waterworks'[103]
1873–1874 Bindon Blood Stoney 'On the construction of Harbour and Marine Works'[104]
Richard Christopher Rapier 'On the Fixed Signals of Railways'
Joseph Prestwich 'On the Geological Conditions affecting the Construction of a Tunnel between England and France'[105]
1872–1873 Bradford Leslie 'Account of the Bridge over the Gorai River, on the Goalundo Extension of the Eastern Bengal Railway' [106]
Carl Wilhelm Siemens 'Pneumatic Despatch Tubes'[106]
William Bell    'On the Stresses of Rigid Arches, Continuous Beams and Curved Structures'[106]
John Herbert Latham 'The Soonkesala Canal of the Madras Irrigation and Canal Company'[106]
George Gordon 'The Value of Water and its Storage and Distribution in Southern India'[106]
1870–1871 Edward Dobson 'Memoir on the Public Works of the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand'[107]
Thomas Sopwith 'The Dressing of Lead Ores'[107]
James Nicholas Douglass 'The Wolf Rock Lighthouse'[107]
Bernhard Samuelson 'On the Construction of Blast Furnaces'[108]
1869–1870 Jules Gaudard 'On the Present State of Knowledge as to the Strength and Resistance of Materials'[109]
William Shelford 'On the Outfall of the River Humber'[109]
Zerah Colborne 'On American Locomotives and Rolling Stock'[109]
Thomas Nesham Kirkham 'Experiments on the Standards of Comparison employed for Testing the Illuminating Power of Coal Gas'[109]
John Ellacott 'Description of the Low Water Basin at Birkenhead'[109]
David Thomas Ansted 'On the Lagoons and Marshes of certain parts of the Shores of the Mediterranean'[109]
1868–1869 George Higgin 'Irrigation in Spain chiefly in reference to the Construction of the Henares and Esla Canals in that Country'[110]
Christer Peter Sandberg 'On the Manufacture and Wear of Rails'[110]
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Pierce Lyons O'Connell 'On the Relation of the Fresh Water Floods of Rivers to the Areas and Physical Features of their Basins'[110]
William Wilson 'Description of the Victoria Bridge on the line of the Victoria Station and Pimloco Railway'[110]
Charles Douglas 'On New Railways at Battersea; with the Widening of the Victoria Bridge and Approaches to the Victoria Station'[110]
John Wolfe Barry 'On the City Terminus Extension of the Charing Cross Railway'[110]
1866–1867 James Timmins Chance 'On Optical Apparatus used in Lighthouses'[111]
Edward Byrne 'Removal of Organic and Inorganic Substances in Water'[111]
George Biddell Airy Astronomer Royal 'On the use of the Suspension Bridge with Stiffened Roadway for Railway and other Bridges of Great Span' [111]
1865–1866 Richard Price Williams [112]
Calcott Reilly 'On Uniform Stress in Girder Work, illustrated by reference to two bridges recently built'[113]
Edwin Clark The Hydraulic Lift Graving Dock [112][114]
Robert Manning The flow of water off the ground in the Woodburn District near Carrickfergus[112][115]
Joseph William Bazalgette On the Main Drainage of London, and the Interception of the Sewage from the River Thames [116]
1864–1865 Matthew Digby Wyatt the construction of the Exhibition building[117]
Charles Tilston Bright Submarine Telegraphy to China and Australia [118]
Henry Whatley Tyler 'The Festiniog for Passengers' [119]
1863–1864 John Brunton 'Description of the Line and Works of the Scinde Railway'[120]
James Robert Mosse 'On American Timber Bridges'[120]
Zerah Colburn 'On American Iron Bridges'[120]
Harrison Hayter 'On the Charing Cross Bridge'[120]
1861–1862 William Henry Preece 'On the Maintenance and Durability of Submarine Cables in Shallow Waters'[121]
George Parker Bidder 'The National Defences'[121]
Francis Fox 'On the Results of Trials of Varieties of Iron Permanent Way'[121]
1859–1860 James John Berkeley 'On Indian Railways, with a description of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway'[122]
Richard Boxall Grantham On Arterial Drainage and Outfalls' [122]
1858–1859 Robert Mallet 'on the Coefficients of Elasticity and Rupture in Wrought Iron.'[123][124]
Sir Henry Bessemer [125] The Bessemer Process [124][126]
Michael Scott 'Description of the breakwater at the Port of Blyth and of improvements in breakwaters applicable to harbours of refuge'[124]
William Joseph Kingsbury 'Description of the entrance, entrance lock and jetty walls of the Victoria (London) docks'[124]
1857–1858 James Atkinson Longridge 'On submersing telegraph cables'[127]
George Robertson 'An Investigation into the Theory and Practice of Hydraulic Mortar'[127]
James Henderson 'on the Methods generally employed in Cornwall in dressing Tin and Copper Ores'[127]
Robert Jacomb-Hood 'On the Arrangement and Construction of Railway Stations'[127]
Major-General George Borlase Tremenheere 'On public works in the Bengal Presidency'[127]
Alfred Giles 'On the Construction of the Southampton Docks'[127]
1856–1857 Daniel Kinnear Clark 'On the Improvement of Railway Locomotive Stock'[128]
Robert Hunt 'On Electro-Magnetism as a Motive Power'[128]
George Rennie 'On the Employment of Rubble Beton, or Concrete, in Works of Engineering or Architecture'[128]
William Bridges Adams 'On the Varieties of Permanent Way, practically used, or tried, on Railways'[128]
1855–1856 John Murray 'On the Progressive Construction of the Sunderland Docks'[129]
John Mortimer Heppel 'On the relative proportions of the Top, Bottom, and Middle Webs of Iron Girders and Tubes'[129]
Henry Robinson 'On the Past and Present Condition of the River Thames'[129]
Charles Robert Drysdale 'On Steep Gradients of Railways and the Locomotives employed'[129]
Frederick M. Kelly 'On the Junction of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the practicability of a Ship Canal without Locks, by the Valley of the Atrato'[129]
1854–1855 Edward Ellis Allen    'On the Comparative Cost of Transit, by Steam and Sailing Colliers, and on the Different Modes of Ballasting'[89][130]
James Barton 'On the Economic Distribution of Material in the Sides, or Vertical Portion of Wrought-Iron Beams'[130]
Richard Alexander Robinson 'On the Application of the Screw Propeller, to the Larger Class of Sailing Vessels'[130]
Joseph Phillips 'Description of the Iron Roof, in one Span, over the Joint Railway Station, New Street, Birmingham'[130]
1853–1854 Nathaniel Beardmore 'Description of the Navigation and Drainage Works, recently executed on the Tidal portion of the River Lea'[131]
Andrew Henderson 'On the Speed and other properties of Ocean Steamers and on the measurement of Ships for Tonnage'[131]
John Pigott Smith 'On Macadamised Roads, for the Streets of Towns'[131]
Alfred Charles Hobbs 'On the Principles and Construction of Locks'[131]
James Yates 'On the means of attaining to Uniformity in European Measures, Weights and Coins'[131]
1852–1853 John Coode 'Description of the Chesil Bank' [132]
Daniel Kinnear Clark 'Experimental Investigation of the Principles of the Boilers of Locomotive Engines'[132]
William Alexander Brooks 'On the Improvement of Tidal Navigation and Drainages'[132]
John Barker Huntington 'Observations on Salt Water, and its application to the Generation of Steam'[132]
Harry Potter Burt 'On the Nature and Properties of Timber, with notices of several methods now in use for its preservation from Decay'[132]
Thomas Duncan 'Description of the Liverpool Corporation Water Works'[132]
Charles William Siemens 'On the Conversion of Heat into Mechanical Effect'[132]
Benjamin Cheverton 'On the use of Heated Air as a Motive Power'[132]
James Barrett 'On the Construction of Fire Proof Buildings'[132]
1851–1852 Captain Mark Huish    'On Railway Accidents'[133]
Braithwaite Poole    'On the Economy of Railways ' [133]
Colonel Samuel Colt    'On Applications of Machinery to the Manufacture of Rotating Chamber-breech Fire-arms and the peculiarities of those Arms'[133]
Frederick Richard Window    'On the Electric Telegraph and the principal improvements in its construction'[133]
Charles Coles Adley    'On the History, Theory and Practice of the Electric Telegraph'[133]
Eugène Bourdon    'Description of the new Metallic Manometer and other instruments for measuring Pressures and Temperatures'[133]
Pierre Hippolyte Boutigny (d'Évreux)    'Description of a new Diaphragm Steam Generator'[133]
George Frederick White    'Observations on Artificial or Portland Cement'[133]
1850–1851 Samuel Clegg    'On Foundations, Natural and Artificial'[134]
Matthew Digby Wyatt    'On the Construction of the Building for the Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations 1851'[134]
Henry Swinburne    'Account of the Sea Walls at Penmaenmawr, on the line of the Chester and Holyhead Railway'[134]
George Barclay Bruce    'Description of the Bridge built over the River Tweed, on the line of the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway'[134][135]
John Hughes    'On the Pheumatic method adopted in constructing the Foundations of the new Bridge across the Medway, at Rochester'[134]
William Price Struve Hughes    'On the Ventilation of Collieries, theoretically and practically considered'[134]
1849–1850 William George Armstrong    [134][136]
William Henry Barlow    'On the Construction of the Permanent Way of Railways'[134]
William Taylor    'On the Street Paving of the Metropolis'[134]
George Benjamin Thorneycroft    'On the Manufacture of Malleable Iron and on the strength of Railway Axles'[134]
Rev James Charles Clutterbuck    'On the periodical alternations and progressive permanent depression of the Chalk-water Level under London'[134]
John Chubb    'On the Construction of Locks and Keys'[134]
Richard Turner    'Description of the Iron Roof over the Lime Street station, Liverpool'[134]
Lt Col John Augustus Lloyd    'On the facilities for the construction of a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of Panama'[134]
Edward Cowper    'On Printing Machines' [134]
John Patton    'Description of the Southend Pier and treatise on the habits of the Toredo navalis'[134]
1849 John Thornhill Harrison    'Observations on the Obstructions to Navigation in Tidal Rivers'[137]
Colonel Harry David Jones    'Description and drawings of the Bridge at Athlone'[137]
Robert Benson Dockray    'Description and drawings of the Camden Station, London and North Western Railway' [137]
1848 John Thornhill Harrison    'Observations on the Causes that are in constant operation, tending to alter the Outline of Coats, to effect the Entrances of Rivers and Harbours, and to form Shoals and Deeps in the bed of the Sea'[138]
Right Honourable the Earl of Lovelace    'On Harbours of Refuge'[138]
Alexander Mitchell    'On Submarine Foundations, particularly the Screw Pile and Mooring' [138]
Frederick Ransome    'On the production of Artificial Stone, by the combination of Silica, in a liquid form, with Sand and other materials'[138]
1847 George Briant Wheeler Jackson    'Account of the GreatNorth Holland Canal'[139]
Joshua Richardson    'On the Ventilation of Mines'[139]
John Murray    'Account of the progressive improvements in Sunderland Harbour and the River Wear'[139]
Joseph Glynn    'Review of the plans that have been proposed for connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by a Navigable Canal'[139]
Charles Frodsham    'On the Laws of Isochronism of the Balance Spring, as connected with the higher order of adjustment of Watches and Chronometers'[139]
1846 William Henry Barlow    'On the existence (practically) of the line of equal Horizontal Thrust in Arches'[140]
George Snell    'On the Stability of Arches'[140]
Wyndham Harding    'On the Resistance to Railway Trains at different velocities'[140]
Edward Leader Williams    'Description of the Improvements of the River Severn'[140] The description of the award is correct but the link is to the wrong Edward L Williams; the link being to his son.
William Parkes    'On the estuary of the River Severn'[140]
William West    'On Water for Locomotive Engines'[140]
Dr Louis Antoine Ritterbandt    'Description of a method of preventing the Incrustation of Steam Boilers'[140]
1845 Philip Chilwell De La Garde    'Memoir of the Canal at Exeter from 1563 to 1724'[141]
George Edwards    'On blasting Marl Rocks under water in the River Severn'[141]{
1844 William Fairbairn    'On the properties of Iron Ores of Samakoff, in Turkey.'[142]
John Murray    'Descriptions and drawings of the removal of the lighthouse on the north pier at Sunderland'[142]
James Bremner    'On Pulteney Town Harbour "Secret Harbour" A new Piling Engine' and 'an Apparatus for floating large stones for Harbour Works'[142]
Andrew Murray    'On the construction and proper proportions of Steam Boilers'[142]
Alexander Angus Croll    'On the purification of Coal Gas'[142]
James Braidwood    'The means of rendering large supplies of Water available in cases of Fire etc' [142]
Jacob Samuda    'Account of the Atmospheric Railway'[142]
Charles Hutton Gregory    'On Railway Cuttings and Embankments'[142]
Captain William Scarth Moorsom    'Description and drawings of the Avon Bridge at Tewkesbury'[142]
Thomas Grissell    'Description and Model of the Scaffolding used in erecting Nelson's Column'[142]
Charles Manby    'History of the Canal and Sluices at Katwyk' and 'Description and works of the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Railway'[142]
1843 Frederick Walter Simms    On the application of horsepower to raising water etc.[143]
William Pole    'On the friction of Steam Engines etc.'[143]
Thomas Oldham    'Descriptions and drawings of the Automaton Balance invented by Mr Cotton and used at the Bank of England for weighing sovereigns'[143]
1842 Robert Thomas Atkinson    'On the sinking and tubbing or coffering of pits, as practiced in the Coal Districts of the North of England'[144]
William Cotton    'Memoir of Captain Huddart'[144]
Chevalier Frederik Willem Conrad    'History of the Canal of Katwyk (Holland), with an account of the principal Works upon it'[144]
James John Wilkinson    'Historical Account of the various kinds of Sheathing for Vessels'[144]
1841 John Frederick Bateman    'account of the bann reservoirs, county down, ireland'[145]
Samuel Seaward    'the action of auxiliary steam power to sailing vessels upon long voyages'[145]
Benjamin Green    'description of the arched timber viaducts on the Newcastle and North Shields Railway'[145]
Thomas Sopwith    'the construction and use of geological models in connection with civil engineering'[145]
Dr Charles Schafhaeutl    'a new universal photometer' 'on the circumstances under which the explosions of steam boilers frequently occur'[145]
1840 James Leslie    'Account of the Works of Dundee Harbour'[146]
Robert Mallet    'On the Corrosion of Cast and Wrought Iron in Water'[146]
Charles Bourns    'On Setting-out Railway Curves'[146]
Henry Chapman    'Description and Drawings of a Machine for describing the Profile of a Road'[146]
Henry Renton    'Description and Drawing of a Self-acting Wasteboard on the River Ouse'[146]
1839 Edward Woods    'the forms of locomotive engines' [147]
John Edward Jones    'Sewage at Westminster'[147]
Charles Hood    'Warming and ventilating buildings'[147]
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George Drysdale Dempsey    Drawing of Huddart's rope machinery[148]
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Undated (before 1910) recipients of Telford Medal[edit]

Source: Institute of Civil Engineers

Telford Premium[edit]

Telford Premiums are issued initially as a monetary or book award with multiple awards in most years, some of the awards also going to Medal winners.

  • 1897 Colonel John Pennycuick "The Diversion of the Periyar."[155]
  • 1897 Edward Clapp Shankland "Steel Skeleton Construction in Chicago."[155]
  • 1897 Thomas Holgate "The Enrichment of Coal-Gas."[155]
  • 1897 Dugald Drummond "Investigation into the Use of Progressive High Pressures in Non-compound Locomotive Engines."[155][156]
  • Alexander Pelham Trotter "The Distribution and Measurement of Illumination" [157]
  • 1913 – 1914 William Willox M.A.[158]
  • 1921 Percy Allen – Port improvements at Newcastle, New South Wales[159]
  • 1926 Joseph Newell Reeson "The Influence of Electric Welding in the Design and Fabrication of Plant and Structures."[160]
  • 1950 – 1951 Frederick William Sully M.I.C.E.[161]
  • 1955 Terence Patrick O'Sullivan "The Strengthening of Steel Structures Under Load" [162]

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