Telford Titans

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Telford Titans
Telford Titans (emblem).png
City Telford, Shropshire, England
League ENIHL
Founded 2008
Home arena Telford Ice Rink
Capacity: 2250
Ice size: 184ft x 85ft
Colours White, Orange, and Black
Owner(s) Voluntary


The Telford Titans are an English National League ice hockey team that formed in 2007. They were originally formed as the Telford Tigers ENL


In 2007 the English Premier League Telford Tigers introduced a second team into the English National League (ENL), known as the 'Telford Tigers ENL', due to changing age restrictions of the under 19s team becoming an under 18s team. 2008 saw the Telford Tigers EPL and ENL split ownership due to time constraints on the owners. The two clubs still work closely together to promote ice hockey in Telford. The team was renamed the Telford Titans in September 2008.



  • #01 United Kingdom Sam Hewitt
  • #30 United Kingdom Benjamin Hunt


  • #24 United Kingdom Simon James
  • #12 United Kingdom David Fielder
  • #21 United Kingdom Neil Brown
  • #28 United Kingdom Mike Roden
  • #32 United Kingdom Gareth Ellis
  • #84 United Kingdom Gareth Bates
  • #34 United Kingdom Stuart Rowlands
  • #20 Slovakia Martin Zemla
  • #69 Russia Matthew Matthewsvic


  • #04 Slovakia Karol Jets
  • #09 United Kingdom Ryan Stanton
  • #11 United Kingdom Daniel Taylor
  • #14 United Kingdom Sean Weeks
  • #17 United Kingdom Owen Bennett
  • #40 United Kingdom Cameron Blakemore
  • #72 United Kingdom Christopher Jones
  • #77 United Kingdom Michael Jones
  • #54 United Kingdom Jared Owen
  • #61 United Kingdom Ian Jesson
  • #68 United Kingdom Mark Asson
  • #19 United Kingdom Kevin Parton
  • #93 United Kingdom Matt Allen

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