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Telim Xan
OccupationIranian Poet

Telim Xan or Tilim Khan (Persian: حكيم تليم خان‎) (1906 – 1829), was an Iranian Azerbaijani poet, who wrote in Azerbaijani and Persian. His most important work, Telimxan Divani, has been printed several times.


He was born in Maraghey village in west of Saveh township and buried in the same village, however had several travels across the country, especially Shiraz, since he may have been of Qashqai descendant.[1] He is known for his poetry (Divan) and his memorial ceremonies are held annually.

His name has become renown against Persian Cultural assimilation in the region; since Saveh is the far most southeast Azerbaijani speaking city, and the closest Azeri locals to capital Tehran and Qom.


His poems reflect social structure of his time and are a considered a source for investigating Iran in Qajar dynasty era and their attitudes. His poems had been translated in Turkish, Persian and Azeri.

A sample poem:

Tilim deyir bəyənmişəm əzəldən
əl götürməm Mehri kimin güzəldən
necə dözüm,
yarım gedibdir əldən [2]


Tilimxan says since ever I have preferred
I shall never lose the beauty, as Mehri was
I have been waiting for long
but my beloved has left me lone


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