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SMK TELKOM Sandhy Putra Medan
Jamin Ginting's St. #11,1 No.9C (Complex Telkom Company Tuntungan Area)
Medan, North Sumatra, 20135
Indonesia Indonesia
Coordinates 3°31′23.55″N 98°37′15.15″E / 3.5232083°N 98.6208750°E / 3.5232083; 98.6208750Coordinates: 3°31′23.55″N 98°37′15.15″E / 3.5232083°N 98.6208750°E / 3.5232083; 98.6208750
Type Independent, day school, vocational school, private school
Established 1992
Status International School, ISO 9001s Standart
School district Medan Tuntungan
Specialist Information and Communication Technology
Principal Ir. Januar
Grades 10-12
Gender Coeducational
Enrollment ± 4,350 (1992 - 2013)
Language Indonesian and English
Houses 4

Telkom Vocational School or SMK Telkom Medan is a vocational school with Telecommunication and Information Engineering vocational program under the auspices of Sandhykara Putra Telkom Foundation. SMK Telkom is categorized as an international school and has a ISO 9001 standard. SMK Telkom Medan become The Best Vocational School in Medan or one of the Best Schools in Indonesia. The accreditation score of this school is nearly perfect (100), with score of 97 in Switching Engineering program[1] and 95 on the Computer and Network Engineering program.[2]

Telkom Vocational School (Medan) has been working with Cisco Systems to follow the Cisco Networking Academy Program and to produce graduates who have International Certification of CCNA.

This school is located in Jamin Ginting Street No. 9C, 11,1 km from the center of Medan. The location is near Pancur Batu City, North Sumatera and near tourism area, such as Greenhill and Hairos.

Vocational school in Indonesia[edit]

Vocational school in Indonesia could be considered as high school with special focused courses. Because, in Indonesian vocational school, they still have the same must-learned subjects with the general high school. So, that is why some vocational school could have opportunity to continue their study to the college.


Telkom Vocational School Medan was established in 1992, with the name of SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Medan (Indonesian) and "Sandhy Putra Telecommunication Vocational School" (English). This school become the first vocational school in Indonesia which held a vocational education in the field of Telecommunication Engineering Program. Established by Telkom Sandhykara Putra Foundation whose owned by Indonesian Telecommunication Company, Telkom Indonesia. Telkom Sandhy Putra Vocational School Medan also simultaneously established in another city. Such as Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Purwekerto and Banjarbaru.

There are four departments:

  • Switching Engineering program
  • Computer and Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Multimedia

In 2007, SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Medan become the first International vocational school school[3]

In 2014, the school was renamed by the foundation and become SMK Telkom Medan (Indonesian) or Telkom Vocational School (English)


Its main curriculum follows Indonesian vocational school curriculum and Indonesian International Curriculum as known as Kurikulum RSBI (Rintisan Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional). Students are divided by the expertise according their result of interest and aptitude test and psychological test before enroll learning progress. Cisco Networking Academy is also implemented for addition of world class academy program. Telkom Vocational School is the only school which conduct Installation Fiber Optic in Sumatera.

Expertise and skills of graduates of each expertise[edit]

The study program has the goal of preparing students to enter the workforce and develop professionalism.

Switching Engineering[edit]

Students will be able to operate the STDI device, install and maintain PABX devices and able to follow the development of telecommunications technologies (Softswitch, STB). Outside of Java island,this program is only available in this school.

Computer and Networks Engineering[edit]

Students will be able to install and maintain PCs, create a network computer, and be Computer Technicians and Network Technicians.

Software Engineering[edit]

Students will be educated in software development, maintenance, and management.


Students will have knowledge of web development, game development, production, media and advertising. They will be able to use the computer to present and combine text, sound, images, animation, and video.


  • Board of Trustees "Sandhykara Putra Telkom Foundation :
    • Directors. TELKOM (the Company)
  • Protector :
    • Chairman of the Board of Trustees "Sandhykara Putra Telkom Foundation" in London
  • Management Schools (ISO 9001 Standard :
    • Principal : Ir. Januar

Student life[edit]

Most of the students come from other regions, but this school is not boarding school. This school is surrounded by many boarding rooms, so the students could live there independently.

Student board organizations[edit]

Leadership, volunteer and survivalist[edit]

Religious organization[edit]


Basketball, futsal, volleyball, Taekwondo, badminton, softball and baseball. The Futsal team is named by Neax FC. Each year, the manager of Neax FC holds an event which named by Neax Competition. The Futsal competition is reserved for Telkom Sandhy Putra’s students. Neax Competition is contesting between a class to other class in Futsal. Taekwondo is the only martial art club in the school.


  • Theater

It was named by Semut Teater and established on April, 2009. Semut Teater holds a theater festival by inviting theater clubs from other schools.

  • Choir
  • Traditional dance

The club specializes in Sumatera area. Traditional dances are performed in school events.

  • Modern Dance

This club has three groups:

    • Lakers Dancer

Focused on modern dance, using electronic music or DJ music adapted from the USA.

    • New Flash Crew

Combines some kinds of modern dance, adapted from many other countries.

    • Wotagei

Wotagei is a group dance adapted from Japan. The group dancing in the glow and using light stick when modern Japanese music is played.


Building A[edit]

  • Classrooms equipped with projector - 15 classes
  • Wi-Fi
  • Computer Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Analog Electronics Lab
  • Lobby
  • Cooperative
  • Teachers Room
  • OSIS(Student Board Organization) Room
  • Toilet

Building B[edit]

  • Study room - 6 classes
  • Hall
  • Wi-Fi
  • UKS (School Health Unit)
  • Toilet

Building C[edit]

  • PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) Lab
  • STDI (Sentral Telepon Digital Indonesia) Lab
  • PCs Installation Lab
  • Software Installation Lab
  • Router(Cisco Systems)Lab
  • Networking (LAN/MAN/WAN) Lab
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Digital Engineering Lab
  • Server Lab
  • Wi-Fi
  • Library
  • Principal room
  • Administration Room
  • Office of Industrial Relations
  • Office of Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Lobby
  • Toilet

Outdoor facilities[edit]

  • Mosque
  • Badminton Arena
  • Volley Area
  • Basketball Arena
  • Futsal Field
  • Music Studio
  • Food Court
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Hostel


The total number of awards of Telkom Sandhy Putra Vocational School reached more than 170 posts, either in the form of a trophy, a plaque. And since July 2011 until presents, Telkom Sandhy Putra Vocational School has collected 44 achievement [4] Levels.

Dominant achievement category:

  • City championship:
    • English Competition (Speech, Story Telling, Scrabble))
    • Indonesian Debate
    • Paskibraka
    • Modern Dance
    • Futsal
  • Provincial championship:
    • Theater
    • English Debate
    • Taekwondo
    • Softball & Baseball
    • Olympic Applied Science Technology
  • National championship:
    • Basketball
    • Vocational Students Skills Competition in Information Technology and Communication

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