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Subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia
Industry IT Solutions
Software development
Data center
Headquarters Desa Sigma, German Centre
, Indonesia
Key people
Judi Achmadi (JAC) (CEO)
Parent Telkom Indonesia
Multimedia Nusantara
Subsidiaries Signet
Sigma Solusi Integrasi
Sigma Metrasys
Footnotes / references

PT Sigma Cipta Caraka or telkomsigma (all in lowercase), or just Sigma,[4] is an Indonesian-based information and communications technology business solution provider.[2] Telkomsigma is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia through its investment subsidiary Multimedia Nusantara, and parts of the Telkom Group.[3][4] Telkomsigma offers various IT based services, starting from consulting services, software products, software enhanced services and data center operations.[5]

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