Tell Abyad District

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Tell Abyad District
منطقة تل أبيض
Tell Abyad District in Syria
Location of Tell Abyad District within ar-Raqqah Governorate
Coordinates (Al-Thawrah): 36°41′51″N 38°57′24″E / 36.6975°N 38.9567°E / 36.6975; 38.9567Coordinates: 36°41′51″N 38°57′24″E / 36.6975°N 38.9567°E / 36.6975; 38.9567
Country  Syria
Governorate ar-Raqqah
Seat Al-Thawrah
Subdistricts 3 nawāḥī
 • Total 4,834.02 km2 (1,866.43 sq mi)
Population (2004)[1] 129,714
Geocode SY1102

Tell Abyad District (Arabic: منطقة تل أبيض‎, translit. manṭiqat Tall Abyaḍ‎; Kurdish: Devera Girê Spî‎) is a district of the ar-Raqqah Governorate in northern Syria. Administrative centre is the city of Tell Abyad.

At the 2004 census, the district had a population of 129,714.[1] The majority of inhabitants are Sunni Arabs,[2] with a considerable Kurdish minority.[3][4] According to a Turkish writer, Kurds constitute 40-45% of the population;[3] however, a Turkish authority estimated that Arabs and Turkmen constitute 98% of the population in the Tell Abyad area.[4]


The district of Tell Abyad is divided into three sub-districts or nawāḥī (population as of 2004[1]):

  • Tell Abyad Nahiyah (ناحية تل أبيض): population 44,671.[5]
  • Suluk Nahiyah (ناحية سلوك): population 44,131[6]
  • Ayn Issa Nahiyah (ناحية عين عيسى): population 40,912.[7]


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