Tell Ain Saouda

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Tell Ain Saouda
Tell Ain Saouda is located in Lebanon
Tell Ain Saouda
Shown within Lebanon
Location 2 km (1.2 mi) south of Tell Neba'a Litani, Lebanon
Region Bekaa
Coordinates 33°59′54″N 36°06′03″E / 33.998333°N 36.100833°E / 33.998333; 36.100833
Part of Village
Periods PPNB, Neolithic, Bronze Age Roman
Site notes
Condition Unknown
Public access Unknown

Tell Ain Saouda is a small neolithic, archaeological tell, approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south of Tell Neba'a Litani, Lebanon.[1][2]

It is a grey soiled site next to two springs and the Litani River. Materials recovered include flints such as tanged arrowheads, sickle blades, scrapers, and an axe. Pottery included flat bottomed jars, globe shaped jars and bowls. These were burnished, painted and red washed with some incised decorations. These finds were similar to those from Tell Ain Nfaikh and other Beqaa Valley sites with a later neolithic dating and settlements extending into the Bronze Age and classical periods.[2]


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