Tell Arbid

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Tell Arbid
Map of Syria in the second millennium BC

Coordinates: 36°52′20.51″N 41°1′17.61″E / 36.8723639°N 41.0215583°E / 36.8723639; 41.0215583 Tell Arbid is an ancient Near East archaeological site in the Khabur River Basin region of Al-Hasakah Governorate, Syria. It is located 45km south of Tell Mozan, the site of ancient Urkesh.


The history and identity of Tell Arbid have been emerging as the result of recent excavations. It is now clear that the most prosperous period for the ancient Arbid was the IIIrd millennium B.C.[1]

The site was heavily occupied during the Early Dynastic period that started c. 2900 BC, primarily during Ninevite 5 (2900-2600 BC). In northern Mesopotamia this is equivalent to the Early Jezirah I–II period. The ruins of an extensive city dated to the Ninevite 5 period cover almost the entire site.

Other contemporary sites in this area of Khabur River basin are Hamoukar and Chagar Bazar.

Later, the occupation continued during the Early Dynastic III period (Early Jezirah III, 2600-2350 BC).

The site was occupied only sporadically in the Akkadian, Mitanni, Neo-Babylonian and the Hellenistic period.


The site comprises a large main tell and 4 smaller mounds, together covering about 38 hectares with a height of around 30 meters. The main tell consists primarily of Mittani, Akkadian, Early Dynastic, and Ninevite 5 layers with the later two including monumental buildings. The initial excavation of Tell Arbid was performed by a British Museum team led by M.E.L. Mallowan. The operation ran from 1934 to 1936. Items collected during the excavations ended up in the British Museum, the Institute of Archaeology Collections at University College London, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and in Syria.[2][3] A survey was done at the site in the 1990s by Bertille Lyonnet of the Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques in Paris.[4] Since 1996, the site has been excavated by a Polish and Syrian team led by Piotr Bieliński from University of Warsaw's Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology and Dr. Ahmad Serriyeh from Damascus University.[5][6][7]This work has continued through the 2010 season.[8][9] During 2000 they were assisted by a joint American/Austrian team from the University of Vienna and Archeos Inc.[10]


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