Tell Deir

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Tell Deir
Location Beqaa Valley, Lebanon
Type Tell
Part of Settlement
Periods Neolithic
Site notes
Excavation dates 1965-1966
Archaeologists Lorraine Copeland,
Peter J. Wescombe
Condition ruins
Public access Yes

Tell Deir is an archaeological site approximately halfway between Joub Jannine and Chtaura.[1]

A large amount of neolithic material was recovered from the site and it was studied by Lorraine Copeland and Peter Wescombe. The most plentiful types were large axes, adzes, picks, knives and scrapers. Some smaller burins were found along with sickles showing denticulation and segmentation. A few pottery sherds were found with burnishing and red washing. Finds resembled later neolithic material found nearby and was also suggested to have been occupied in the bronze age.[2]