Tell Zeitoun

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Tell Zeitoun
900 metres (3,000 ft)
900 metres (3,000 ft)
Shown within Lebanon
Alternative nameTell Dnaibe
Location8 kilometres (5.0 mi) southwest of Rashaya
RegionBekaa Valley
Coordinates33°28′00″N 35°44′00″E / 33.466667°N 35.733333°E / 33.466667; 35.733333
Founded6900 - 5800 cal. BC
Site notes
Excavation dates1954, 1966, 1968
ArchaeologistsKuschke A
Lorraine Copeland
J. King
Jacques Besançon
Francis Hours
Public accessYes

Tell Zeitoun also called Tell Dnaibe, is an arcaheological site 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) southwest of Rashaya in Lebanon at an altitude of 900 metres (3,000 ft).

It is situated in the valley of the Upper Hasbani (Wadi el-Fatir) on the right bank, north-east of the village of Dnaibe, east of the road.[1] It was first recorded by A. Kuschke in 1954 followed by Lorraine Copeland and J. King in 1966 and lastly by Jacques Besançon and Francis Hours in 1968.[2] Besançon recovered a fragment from an arrowhead a pick or hammer and a serrated sickle blade. These gave a very slight dating suggesting Ubaid occupation equivalent to early neolithic Byblos.[3]


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