Tell the Birds

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Tell the Birds
Studio album by
LabelNew World Records

Tell the Birds is the 2007 album by experimental composer Eve Beglarian.

Track listing[edit]


  • The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Lisa Bielawa - voice; MATA Ensemble (Patti Monson, flute; Andrew Sterman, soprano sax; Libby Van Cleve, oboe; Martin Kuuskmann, bassoon; Seth Josel, electric guitar; Douglas Mapp, bass; Eleonor Sandresky, piano; David Cossin, percussion)
  • Creating The World: Roger Rees, voice: Jessica Gould, soprano ("Gloria"); Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-Acoustic Band (Craig Fry, violin; Paul Hanson, bassoon, Paul Dresher, electric guitar,; Phil Aaberg, keyboard; Amy Knoles, electronic mallett percussion; Gene Reffkin, drums)
  • Robin Redbreast: Corey Dargel, Voice; Margaret Lancaster; piccolo
  • Wonder Counselor: Eve Beglarian, organ and tape
  • Landscaping for Privacy: Eve Beglarian, voice and electronics
  • FlamingO: Bill Ware, vibes solo; Margaret Lancanster, flute; Jackie Leclair, oboe; Andrew Adelson, English horn; Michael Lowenstern, clarinet, bass clarinet; Janet Grice, bassoon; Daniel Grabois, French horn; John Ferrari, percussion; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Jon nelson, trumpet; Ben Herrington, trombone; Todd Reynolds, violin; Caleb Burhans, viola; Edward Arron, cello; Mat Fieldes, double bass; Brad Lubman, conductor