Telman Ismailov

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Telman Ismailov
Born Telman Mardanovich Ismailov
(1956-10-26) 26 October 1956 (age 60)
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
Nationality Azerbaijani (former), Russian, Turkish (naturalised)
Occupation Businessman and entrepreneur
Known for AST Group
Children Sarkhan and Alekper (sons)
Website AST Group Website

Telman Mardanovich Ismailov (Azerbaijani: Telman Mərdan oğlu İsmayılov, Russian: Те́льман Марда́нович Исмаи́лов; born 26 October 1956) is an Azerbaijani-born businessman and entrepreneur of Mountain Jew origin.[3] Since Azerbaijan does not allow dual citizenship, he holds Russian-Turkish citizenship. He is the chairman of the Russian AST Group of companies, which is active in many countries.[4] Until 2009, Ismailov owned the Europe's then-largest marketplace, Cherkizovsky Market, located in Moscow, Russia.

Early life and family[edit]

Telman Ismailov was born in Baku, USSR in 1956, to a business family from Baku. He is the 10th child of a family with 12 children.[5] Both his father's and mother's family include Muslims and Mountain Jews.[6]

Business career[edit]

Current assets[edit]

In 1989, he registered the brand "AST" (initials of his two sons (Alekper, Sarkhan) and himself).[7] After lavish opening of the hotel in Antalya, Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin is said to have been disappointed that Ismailov invested so much abroad and flaunted his riches while Russia was being hit by a credit crunch.[8]

On 6 June 2013, Ismailov bought the Israeli football team Beitar Jerusalem FC. On 6 September 2013, he resold the team to Eli Tabib.[citation needed]


Known for his extravagant life style, Ismailov is famous for spending millions of dollars on singers like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Tom Jones, and others. Ismailov paid Lopez $1.4 million for her to sing 10 minutes worth of songs.[citation needed] The video of her singing "Happy Birthday" song to him is available on YouTube. Ismailov befriended plenty of other celebrities such as actresses like Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Monica Bellucci, Paris Hilton, and numerous other performers just to appear at his lavish parties.[9]

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