Telmen Lake

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Telmen Lake
Telmen Lake, Mongolia, Landsat.jpg
Telmen Lake satellite view
Location Zavkhan Province
Coordinates 48°50′N 97°19′E / 48.833°N 97.317°E / 48.833; 97.317Coordinates: 48°50′N 97°19′E / 48.833°N 97.317°E / 48.833; 97.317
Basin countries Mongolia
Max. length 28 km
Max. width 16 km
Surface area 194 km²
Max. depth 27 m
Water volume 2.671 km³
Surface elevation 1789 m
Telmen Lake is located in Mongolia
Telmen Lake

Telmen Lake (Mongolian: Тэлмэн нуур) is a saltwater lake in Zavkhan, Mongolia. Three islands are located in the lake, which is a gathering point for migratory birds. The water salinity is 6.49-7.61‰.