Telshevsky Uyezd

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Telshevsky Uyezd (Russian: Тельшевский уезд, Lithuanian: Telšių apskritis) was one of the uyezds of the Russian Empire. The seat was in Telshi.


In 1819 the Polangenskaya Volost came to Grobin County of Courland Governorate.

Outer administration[edit]

Established 1795 under Vilna Governorate. 1843 transferred to newly established Kovno Governorate. Formal abolition in 1924 by Soviet authorities.

Inner administration[edit]

1791 it the following volosts: Telšių pavietas, Viešvėnų pavietas, Patumšių pavietas, Platelių pavietas, Gandingos pavietas, Medingėnų pavietas, Žarėnų pavietas, Tverų pavietas, Šauduvos pavietas, Palangos pavietas.

1913 it had the following volosts [1]


At the time of the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Telshevsky Uyezd had a population of 183,351. Of these, 81.2% spoke Lithuanian, 12.4% Yiddish, 2.3% Latvian, 1.5% Polish, 1.3% Russian, 0.9% German, 0.3% Ukrainian and 0.1% Belarusian as their native language.[2]