Telstra Endeavour

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Telstra Endeavour
Cable type Fibre-optic
Fate Active
First traffic October 2008
Design capacity 1.28 tbit/s
Lit capacity 80 gbit/s
Built by Alcatel-Lucent
Landing points Tamarama Beach, New South Wales
Wai'anae, Hawai'i
Area served Asia-Pacific
Owner(s) Telstra
Website Telstra Endeavour Cable

The Telstra Endeavour is a submarine cable connecting Sydney and Hawaii. The cable went live in October 2008,[1] with a capacity of 1.28 terabits per second in the future (currently at 80 gigabits per second.) It was proposed[2][3] on 28 March 2007 by Telstra, the largest telecommunications carrier in Australia.

Landing points[edit]

The landing points are:[4]


Telstra announced that the cable would connect Sydney and Hawaii with a 9,000 km link, the largest ever built and owned by an Australian company, providing a transmission capacity of 1.28 terabit/s to Hawaii. The cable will be linked to others from Hawaii to the US mainland.

The manufacture and laying of the cable was the responsibility of Alcatel-Lucent, which also supplied Telstra's two cables across Bass Strait and its Tasman Sea (TASMAN 2) cable. Alcatel-Lucent is basing this turn-key project[5] on the "Alcatel 1620 Light Manager"[1] Submarine Line Termination Equipment that uses Dense Wavelength-division Multiplexing (DWDM). No cost was revealed, however it is estimated around $300 million (AUD).

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Coordinates: 21°33′14″N 158°14′34″W / 21.554019°N 158.242889°W / 21.554019; -158.242889