Teltone Corporation

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Teltone Corporation
Traded as NASDAQ: TTNC (1968-2008)
Industry Computer network products
Fate Acquired by Industrial Defender in 2008[1]
Successor Industrial Defender
Founded 1968

Teltone Corporation were a telephone communications product manufacturer.


Teltone was established in 1968 in Washington. The company produced telecommunications equipment including products that transmitted computer data over telephony infrastructure.[2] Over time, the company increasingly developed and supported industrial monitoring applications and electronic security products. CEO from 2000 was Debra L. Griffith, formerly Teltone CFO.[3]


Teltone were acquired by Industrial Defender in June 2008, subsequently acquired by Lockheed Martin in March 2014.[1][4] Both the Teltone and Industrial Defender brands continue.


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