Teluk Ramunia

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Teluk Ramunia is a well-known bauxite mining town in the early days of Malaysia. It is a sight seeing place, good for a family picnic spot.[1] Now it is known for Oil and Gas Fabrication industries.


Teluk Ramunia is located in the southeastern part of Johor, Malaysia. It is located about 47 km from the nearest town, Bandar Penawar, at 1°22′19″N 104°14′51″E / 1.37194°N 104.24750°E / 1.37194; 104.24750Coordinates: 1°22′19″N 104°14′51″E / 1.37194°N 104.24750°E / 1.37194; 104.24750.[2]


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