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Boat launch on Net Lake near the arena of Temagami North

Temagami North, formerly known as Goward, is an unincorporated community comprising part of the municipality of Temagami in Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada. It is a residential subdivision centred on Spruce Drive, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of Temagami itself.

Temagami North is locally known as the "Townsite" because it was created in the 1960s to supply Sherman Mine further south and as a new residential location away from the town of Temagami.[1] Temagami North is surrounded by historic mines. Barton Mine to the north produced molybdenum from 1907 to 1918 and Norrie Mine on the eastern shore of Net Lake was in development prior to 1920. There are known kimberlite pipes that are considered diamondiferous in the area that could lead to future mining.

Temagami North sits on the western shore of Net Lake, where people can go canoeing, fishing, and boating. The main arena of Temagami is situated near the shore of Net Lake and is used seasonally for hockey and curling. In 2005, the roof of the arena collapsed inward from snow weight during winter.

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