Temasek Secondary School

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Temasek Secondary School
Dànmǎxī Zhōngxué
Sekolah Menengah Temasek
Temasek Secondary School Crest.png
600 Upper East Coast Road
Type Autonomous, government
Motto We Care
Founded 1980
Session Single session
School code 3030
Principal Dayna Chia Minn (Mrs)[1]
Vice Principals Lim Siang Jiun (Mrs) [1]
Viknesvaran (Mr) [1]
Enrolment 1120
Colour(s) Navy blue, red, and gold
Nickname Temasekians

Temasek Secondary School (TMS) is an autonomous secondary school in Singapore and serves Secondary One through Four. It was founded in 1980 sharing a campus with Bedok North Secondary School at Upper Changi Road.[2] In 1995, the school attained autonomy,[3] and in March 1999, the school moved to its current campus at Upper East Coast Road.[3] It was ranked at all-time high 16th place among all secondary schools in 2000.[4]

School leadership[edit]

The school is led by Principal Dayna Chia.

Notable alumni[edit]


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