Temindung Airport

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Temindung Airport
Aéroport Temindung
Temindung airport runway.jpg
Temindung Airport in 2011
Airport type Public, Defunct
Operator Civil Aviation Department
Location Samarinda
Opened 1974
Closed 2018
Elevation AMSL 10 m / 33 ft
Coordinates 0°28′53″S 117°9′21″E / 0.48139°S 117.15583°E / -0.48139; 117.15583Coordinates: 0°28′53″S 117°9′21″E / 0.48139°S 117.15583°E / -0.48139; 117.15583
Temindung Airport is located in Samarinda
Temindung Airport
Temindung Airport
Location in Samarinda, Kalimantan and Indonesia
Temindung Airport is located in Kalimantan
Temindung Airport
Temindung Airport
Temindung Airport (Kalimantan)
Temindung Airport is located in Indonesia
Temindung Airport
Temindung Airport
Temindung Airport (Indonesia)
Direction Length Surface
m ft
04/22 1,160 3,806 Asphalt (Closed)

Temindung Airport (IATA: SRI, ICAO: WALS) was the airport of Samarinda from 1974 until 2018. It was officially known as Samarinda Airport, it was closed and replaced by the new Samarinda International Airport at Sungai Siring, 30 kilometres (19 mi) to the north. It is often known as Samarinda Airport, Temindung, or simply Temindung, to distinguish it from its successor which is often referred to as Sungai Siring Airport.

The airport was home to Samarinda's carrier Kaltim Airlines. Temindung is located on the north side of Karangmumus River in Sei Pinang, Samarinda. There is only one runway in use, numbered 04/22 and oriented northeast/southwest (34/214 degrees true, 32/212 degrees magnetic). Near the southern end of the runway, a building rose up to nine stories.[1]


1980s to 1990s[edit]

Clearance requirements for aircraft takeoffs and landings made it necessary to limit the height of buildings that could be built in Samarinda. While Temindung was initially located far away from residential areas, the expansion of residential areas resulted in Temindung being close to residential areas.[2] This caused serious noise pollution for nearby residents. A night curfew from night to about 7:00 in the early morning also hindered operations.[3]

As a result, in the early 1990s, the Samarinda Government began searching for alternative locations for a new airport in Samarinda to replace the aging airport. After deliberating on a number of locations, including the south side of Samarinda, the government decided to build the airport on the district of Sungai Siring.

Former airlines and destinations[edit]


Kaltim Airlines Tanjungredeb, Tarakan
Susi Air Long Pahangai, South Kayan
Xpress Air Sendawar, Tanjungredeb, Tanjungselor


Airport forecourt

Terminals and facilities[edit]

Layout of Temindung Airport

The Temindung airport consisted of a linear passenger terminal building with a car park at the front. There is one boarding gate at the terminal building.

Due to the limited space, the fuel tank farm is located between airport authority building and maintenance facilities (hangar).

Airlines based at Temindung[edit]

Several airlines were based at Temindung:

Future plans for the site[edit]

The Government drafted a plan for Temindung Airport site to be used for commercial area, housing estate, hotels and green space.[4]

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