Temperature's Rising (song)

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"Temperature's Rising"
Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising.jpg
Single by Mobb Deep
from the album The Infamous
Released July 19, 1995
Format CD single
Recorded 1995
Genre Gangsta rap, East coast hip hop
Length 5:00
Label Loud
Writer(s) Kejuan Muchita, Albert Johnson, Kamaal Fareed, Patrice Rushen, Freddie Washington
Producer(s) Q-Tip, Mobb Deep (co.)
Mobb Deep chronology
"Survival of the Fittest"
"Temperature's Rising"
"Give Up the Goods (Just Step)"

"Temperature's Rising" is the third single from Mobb Deep's 2nd album, The Infamous. The song is in the form of a letter to an associate that is hiding from the police, who went by the name Killa Black, he was also the older brother of Havoc. Killa Black, according to Prodigy in his 2011 autobiography "My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy", murdered a man over Walkman speakers, & Havoc hid Killa Black's gun in his basket of clothes. In the song, the narrator reveals that he is covering up evidence of his imprisoned friends' criminal actions, and speaks of his paranoia, fearing that the police are closing in on him. It contains a sample of "Where There Is Love" by Patrice Rushen.

A few years after the song was released, Killa Black committed suicide, in his mother's bathroom, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after coming home for the murder that is mentioned in the song. After being released, Killa Black became a Muslim.

The B-side is "Give Up the Goods (Just Step)".

There is a remix to the single, also produced by Q-Tip, that utilizes the same Patrice Rushen sample that is used on the album version. The original version of the song was produced by Mobb Deep.

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. "Temperature's Rising" [Remix]
  2. "Temperature's Rising" [LP Version]

Side B

  1. "Give Up the Goods (Just Step)" [LP Version]
  2. "Give Up the Goods (Just Step)" [Instrumental]

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