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Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Park sectionFesta Italia
Coordinates37°14′05″N 76°38′31″W / 37.2347222°N 76.6420766°W / 37.2347222; -76.6420766Coordinates: 37°14′05″N 76°38′31″W / 37.2347222°N 76.6420766°W / 37.2347222; -76.6420766
Opening dateApril 25, 2015 (2015-04-25)
General statistics
TypeSteel – Launched
ManufacturerPremier Rides
ModelSky Rocket II
Lift/launch systemLSM Launch Track
Height150 ft (46 m)
Drop135 ft (41 m)
Length863 ft (263 m)
Speed62 mph (100 km/h)
Height restriction54 in (137 cm)
TrainsSingle train with 3 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 18 riders per train.
Tempesto at RCDB
Pictures of Tempesto at RCDB

Tempesto is a steel roller coaster at the Busch Gardens Williamsburg amusement park located in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States. Built and manufactured by Premier Rides, Tempesto opened on April 25, 2015.


Construction on Tempesto began in Fall 2014. The last piece of track was installed in January 2015. The ride was officially announced on March 21.[1] The ride opened on April 25, 2015.

Ride experience[edit]

Tempesto launches out of the station up into a partial twist. The train then falls back through the station, where it is accelerated backwards into another twist. Once again, the train falls back into the station and riders are accelerated to a top speed of 62 miles per hour (100 km/h). It then travels up to a height of 150 feet (46 m) where it completes a non-inverting half-loop, a heartline roll (ranking it among the tallest inversions in the world) before exiting in a second non-inverting half-loop. It then enters a full non-inverting loop before returning to the station.


On June 29, 2015, a 17-year-old girl's shoulder collar came loose during the ride. The park shut down the ride but reopened it fifteen minutes later. It was later stated that the collar was added for guest comfort instead of safety.

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