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This template produces a dollar sign ($). It is designed to be a workaround for a bug caused by bots running on PHP, as the dollar sign indicates a PHP variable in PHP language. It can also produce symbols for various world currencies and can produce links to the relevant article.

Do not subst: this template, otherwise it won't work.

Specific currencies

This template can support various currencies. The complete index of supported currencies and their codes is below.

AUD = Australian dollar
BBD = Barbadian dollar
BMD = Bermudian dollar
BND = Brunei dollar
BRZ = Brazilian real
BSD = Bahamian dollar
BZD = Belize dollar
CAD = Canadian dollar
COOK = Cook Islands dollar
CNY = Chinese yuan
CUC = Cuban convertible peso
CUP = Cuban peso
DOP = Dominican peso
EUR = Euro
FJD = Fijian dollar
FL = Dutch guilder
FRF = French franc
GBP = Pound sterling
GYD = Guyanese dollar
HKD = Hong Kong dollar
JMD = Jamaican dollar
JPY = Japanese yen
KYD = Cayman Islands dollar
LRD = Liberian dollar
MXN = Mexican peso
NAD = Namibian dollar
NZD = New Zealand dollar
PGK = Papua New Guinean kina
SGD = Singapore dollar
SBD = Solomon Islands dollar
SRD = Surinamese dollar
TWD = New Taiwan dollar
TTD = Trinidad and Tobago dollar
TVD = Tuvaluan dollar
USD = United States dollar
UYU = Uruguayan peso
WST = Samoan tala
XAF = Central African CFA franc
XCD = East Caribbean dollar
XOF = West African CFA franc
ZAR = South African rand
ZWL = Zimbabwean dollar

For a specific currency add the three/four letter ISO 4217 code for the desired currency as an additional parameter, separated by a vertical pipe.
{{dollarsign|NZD}} (New Zealand Dollar) produces:
{{dollarsign|EUR}} (Euro) produces:

{{dollarsign|DOP}} (Dominican peso) produces:

There is no need to add the additional letters, they are automatically added.


To link add |lk=on.

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