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The purpose of this template is to collect source text used in several articles in one place, in order to minimize maintenance and storage space. This is the Moroccan roster in the men's volleyball tournament of the 2012 Summer Paralympics. The template is typically used in two articles: the article covering Morocco at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, and the article covering the rosters of all participating teams of the tournament.

The following is the Moroccan roster in the men's volleyball tournament of the 2012 Summer Paralympics.[1] view · talk

Name Date of birth Position 2012 club
Benekri, RachidRachid Benekri 19 September 1974
2 Aniss, AbderrahimAbderrahim Aniss 21 December 1976 SE Morocco ASS Sale
3 Jamili, HichamHicham El Jamili 11 June 1981 Morocco ASWT Temara
4 Dami, KhalidKhalid Dami 10 May 1975 Morocco CMSH Khouribga
5 Fitir, AbdelghaniAbdelghani El Fitir 8 February 1973 Morocco CMSH Khouribga
6 Qouchairi, MohammedMohammed Qouchairi 21 November 1965 Morocco ASS Sale
7 Souabi, MohamedMohamed Souabi 31 January 1978 Morocco AAHS Agadir
8 Zaaboul, YounessYouness Zaaboul 8 June 1979 Morocco ASWT Temara
9 Aziani, HichamHicham Aziani 13 February 1982 Morocco ASS Sale
10 Abdelouafi, RachidRachid Abdelouafi 12 April 1978 L Morocco ASS Sale
11 Essaadi, KarimKarim Essaadi 21 October 1983 Morocco ASS Sale
12 Chtaibi, KhalidKhalid Chtaibi 8 September 1971 Morocco ASWT Temara


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