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This template creates a link to a volume or a collection at Austrian Literature Online (ALO).

Templates for copying[edit]







  • Parameter 1 or id= : "objid" parameter of the ALO URL, which is the number after "objid=" until the next "&"
  • Parameter 2 or collection= : With C as the second parameter the entry list of a collection is displayed.
  • Parameter 2.2 or page= : enables the entry of a specific page in the work. This entry is found in the URL at "&page=".
  • Parameter 3 or linktext= : text that is intended to appear instead of "Online".
  • notext= : if the explanatory attachment is not intended to appear, for example with numbers. The parameter must only have some content in order to work.



  • At http://www.literature.at/viewer.alo?objid=1272&viewmode=overview the number representing the ID is: 1272
  • At http://www.literature.at/viewer.alo?objid=1272&viewmode=fullscreen&scale=2&page=3 the number representing the ID is: 1272 and the page number is: 3, it is the same as "Image 3" in the drop-down field

Information page of a work: (if you click the title of the work it links to it)


without entering the page number gives:

to a specific page in the work:


entering the page number gives:

Alternative link text:

{{ALO|1272|3|My page}}
{{ALO|1272|linktext=My page}}
{{ALO|id=1272|page=3|linktext=My page}}

with the results:

No explanation:

{{ALO|1272|3|My page|notext=y}}
{{ALO|1272|linktext=Online-1|notext=y}}, {{ALO|1272|linktext=Online-2}}
{{ALO|id=1272|page=3|linktext=My page|notext=y}}

with the results:


  • At http://www.literature.at/collection.alo?objid=1022&orderby=author&sortorder=a the number representing the ID is: 1022

The collection may be clicked at "Part of the collection(s)". There will be found either sub-collections or documents. The ID must be entered exactly as stated after "objid=" and before the next "&".

List of a collection with sub-collektions:


List of a collection with documents: