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This template is used when making suggestions to users about who may wish to adopt them. This is often to be used when said user has not gotten any adoption offers, and has not requested adoption from anyone.
{{{1}}} should be the adopter's name.
NOTE: This template should be substed.

Example of use[edit]

{{subst:Adoptsuggest|Mr.Adopter}} ~~~~

This produces:


Information.svg Hello Adoptsuggest, I noticed that you were looking for adoption, and no one has offered yet. Another user, Mr.Adopter is offering their services, and adopting users. If you would like them to adopt you, just leave them a short message requesting so on their talk page, just remember to sign your comments by placing 4 tildes (~~~~) when you are completed. If you do not wish to be adopted by that user, you can contact other users on the Adopters looking for adoptees category. Thank you. Suggester