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This template is used for articles submitted through the Wikipedia:Articles for creation process, when you have a comment for the submitter.

{{afc comment|1=your comment here}}

which displays your comment. For example,

{{afc comment|1=It's an excellent article, but it needs some more references.}}

would display

Symbol opinion vote.svg Comment: It's an excellent article, but it needs some more references.

In the most common situations, you can alternatively use this slightly simpler form:

{{afc comment|your comment here}}

Note lack of "1=" in this simpler use of template-syntax. However, this simplified syntax does not work when your comment contains an equals sign (including the equals signs in URLs such as https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Template:Afc_comment). In case of difficulty (e.g. an error message saying "no comment detected"), please use the {{afc comment|1=your comment here}} syntax.

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