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{{Anabasis|language|book|chapter|first section in range|last section in range}}

Link to Greek text of Xenophon's Anabasis at the Perseus Project by book, chapter, and section number. Sections are sometimes called lines. Adding the last section in a range does not change the link URL, since pages on Perseus include only one section.

The first parameter is language: gr or el for Greek, en for English.

Normally the template does not display the name of author and work. Put in shortref as the last parameter to display the name of work; put in ref to display both author and name of work.

{{Anabasis|en}} 1 default book and chapter = 1.1
{{Anabasis|en|2}} 2 book set; default chapter = 1
{{Anabasis|en|2|3}} 2.3 book and chapter set
{{Anabasis|en|2|3|4}} 2.3.4 book, chapter, and section set
{{Anabasis|en|2|3|4|5}} 2.3.4–5 book, chapter, and section range set
{{Anabasis|en|2|3|shortref}} Anabasis 2.3
{{Anabasis|en|2|3|4|ref}} Xenophon, Anabasis 2.3.4