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Use this template to generate a pair of left (open) and right (close) angle brackets (also called chevrons) that will display correctly, even on operating systems and browsers that normally cannot display these characters when they are used in text. The angle brackets will surround whatever you insert as a parameter after the pipe (|) symbol. Examples:

  • {{angbr|ŋ}} displays as ⟨ŋ⟩
  • {{angbr|foo}} displays as ⟨foo⟩

You can also insert (nest) a text- or character-producing template as the parameter. Examples:

  • {{angbr|{{IPA|ŋ}}}} displays as ⟨ŋ
  • {{angbr|{{date}}}} displays as ⟨6 October 2017⟩

Formatting (markup)

Place any HTML or Wiki markup either outside the template or after the pipe (|) symbol as part of the parameter. Examples:

  • <b>{{angbr|foo}}</b> displays as ⟨foo⟩
  • {{angbr|<u>foo</u>}} displays as ⟨foo
  • {{angbr|''foo''}} displays as ⟨foo

The template does not work properly with an equals sign (=) in the parameter. Start the parameter with 1= to circumvent this problem.


Angle brackets (chevrons) have many uses as punctuation marks and symbols. See Angle brackets.

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