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Uncollapsed template

Uncollapsing a single subsection

Add |state=uncollapsed|name to show (uncollapse) any of the subsections, by default.

Abbreviated section names are topics, advocates, movement, and media.

  • {{Animal rights|state=uncollapsed|topics}}
  • {{Animal rights|state=uncollapsed|advocates}}
  • {{Animal rights|state=uncollapsed|movement}}
  • {{Animal rights|state=uncollapsed|media}}

For example, {{Animal rights|state=uncollapsed|topics}} will produce:

Uncollapsing multiple subsections

To show multiple, or all of, the subsections at once, use staten, e.g.:

  • {{Animal rights|state=uncollapsed|state1=collapsed|state2=collapsed|state3=uncollapsed|state4=uncollapsed}}

Parameter state controls the entire template; state1 controls the topics section; state2 controls the advocates section; state3 controls the movement section; state4 controls the media section. These can be set to uncollapsed or collapsed. The above example will produce this:

Uncollapsing a single subsection while the template is collapsed

Add |name to show (uncollapse) any of the subsections when the template is uncollapsed.

For example, {{Animal rights|topics}} will produce: