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Do not use this template unless you are an arbitrator! It is not designed for everyday use by administrators who are not committee members. Thank you!


This template is used by arbitrators when making an official action for the Arbitration Committee. This block template should never be used on userpages or in block logs of accounts that have not been blocked as a result of a private, off-wiki decision by the committee. It should not be used for users banned as a result of an on-wiki arbitration decision; those users are blocked by community administrators (or a committee clerk) when the decision is published, and fall into a different category of blocked/banned users.

This first line of this template will change depending on whether it is used on a user or user talk page:

  • On user: pages, it displays: "This account has been indefinitely blocked by…"
  • On user talk: pages, it displays: "You have been indefinitely blocked by…"

Although it is not intended to be used outwith the user: and user talk: namespaces, the template defaults to the sentence in the first point on subject space pages and to the sentence in the second on talkpages.