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The line sub-template displays information about a current arbitration proceeding, be it a request for a new case, clarification or amendment of a previous case, an open case (or review), or motions of an arbitrator. For different types of proceedings (declared using the |mode= parameter), this template will return different output. If a case is suspended, set the parameter |suspended=true at the beginning of the suspension.



For almost any proceedings (except case requests), some previous decision needs to be cited. Ordinarily, the previous decision will be an arbitration case; by declaring the |case= parameter, the template will automatically link to an Arbitration/Requests/Case or Requests for arbitration page with the same sub-page name.

Alternatively, the |nolink= parameter can be used to link to the relevant previous decision. This should only be used if the decision was made outwith a case final decision. See this change for an example of this parameter being used. In that example, the amendment request related to the terms of unblock set down by the Ban Appeals Subcommittee for an un-banned user; the |nolink= parameter was used to link to the diff in which a BASC member published the original terms to the unbanned user's talk page. This parameter requires you to surround the link with (brackets), so that the format is consistent with the automatic link.